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Campus Celebrity, Charles Uffelman

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Memphis chapter.

Here’s someone that is dedicated to the University of Memphis, a hard worker, and one that you could sit and talk with for hours, Charles Uffelman. The love this man has for the U of M is shown every day through his leadership and hopes he has for the University.


Birthday: October 3, 1993


Hometown: Erin, TN (it’s ok, no one else knows where it is)


Major: Political Science/ International Studies


HC: Why did you decide to attend the U of M?

CU: “Like many kids from middle TN I wanted to go to UT and I actually toured Memphis on a whim. My mom had doubts and I often said, “let’s just give Memphis a chance. I probably won’t go there but I do want to at least tour.” Needless to say I fell in love with this place. Laurie Gianella, who would later be my Frosh Camp Aunt, gave me a tour. I realized how friendly our campus is through her interactions with other students. I wanted to be a part of what seemed from the outside like a caring, tight knit community. By the end of the tour I wanted to be a Tiger!”


HC: What all are you involved in on campus?

CU: “I’ve been in SGA for three years. I’ve had the opportunity to serve as president of the College Democrats for two years. I’ve served on the Blue Crew Board for two years.  Last year I co-chaired the Greek Sing Competition. I had the honor of helping recruit new Tigers through Tiger Elite and help them adjust to this campus by serving as an Orientation Guide. Last semester I had the opportunity to mentor and initiate the new members of Sigma Chi Fraternity as their New Member Coordinator.” 


HC: What made you want to become involved?

CU: “I’ve always been a hyperactive person. It runs in my family. I grew up having to sit through Chamber of Commerce meetings watching my mom plan community events. Getting involved is how you serve your community and make it a better place. It’s never really been a choice it’s just part of life. We are put on this Earth to make it a better place so everyone should go out there and find a way to help their community. That’s reflected in my time here at Memphis. By working hard for the students you get the benefit of helping others and doing something your fellow students can enjoy.”


HC: Since you are the presidential candidate for MAD, how do you think you can help better the campus?

CU: “While the MAD party fell short this year I am very proud of our successes in this election. Our 16 bright Senators and our Vice President Raven Douglas will work hard to promote a Bigger, Better, Bolder University of Memphis. I’m anticipating a year of unprecedented bipartisanship for the Student Government Association. I’m excited to see the new leaders of MAD Party rise above the negative campaigning of our opponents and work across the aisle for the good of all students.”


HC: How do you manage all the things you do on campus and your class work?

CU: “It can be very hard. It takes equal parts procrastination, planning, and putting things on my phone calendar. I make sure it’s all on my calendar so I don’t forget and a lot of time for meetings, class and homework.”


HC: If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing before you came to college, what would you want to know?

CU: “When I came to school I was still very much stuck in a high school mentality. I wanted to wear the right clothes, drive the right car, and join the right organizations so I wouldn’t be made fun of. I wish I had realized sooner that people are less judgmental in college. It’s a journey of finding yourself and what works for you and not everybody else.”


HC: What is your favorite thing about the U of M?

CU: “My answer changes all the time because I love so much about this university but my passion lies with Blue Crew and our student section. It could use some rejuvenation but I never miss a chance to cheer on the school I love.” 


HC: If you could change anything about the U of M, what would it be?

CU: “I would change the negative connotations the school and city have around rural areas in TN. This city and campus have so much to offer and we have statistics that show the U of M continued to lead the state in safety in 2014. Often the biggest obstacle to our success is misconceptions about our community.”


Though it has to be difficult managing everything Charles does, he is a dedicated person who follows what he believes in. Striving to serve the students at the U of M, Charles stays true to himself by not allowing negativity or anything else get in his way of making a difference. 

I am currently a journalism major at the University of Memphis inspiring to attend law school after I graduate with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in pre-law. 
Lauren Berry is a journalism major at The University of Memphis from Dallas, Texas. She's spent the past three years covering news stories from campus events to attending the Michelle Obama press conference at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Wanting a change, she joined the Her Campus team to empower women and get her voice heard. She believes that finally, she's in the right place.