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Why “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is A Must Watch This Month


On August 17th, Netflix released the movie on Jenny Han’s novel called “To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before”. Ever since it’s release , people have been raving about this movie, including me. Personally, I read the novel a  year ago when all of my friends wouldn’t stop talking about it. Much like my friends and I, other girls and boys worldwide fell in love with this story. One of the reasons why I think the novel got so popular is because it is not your  typical love story of popular high school lovebirds. The story goes much deeper and has an even more beautiful message behind it. The following are 4 reasons why you should consider and convince yourself to watch this movie (in case you still haven’t):  



It’ll make you laugh! What could be better than a love story that gives you all the feels?! I promise that some of the dialogues in this  movie will make you burst into laughter because of how relatable the awkward situations are!



It relates to you!  Every single person alive, no matter the age  can feel connected in one way or another to this film. As soon as you start watching it, you’ll feel every single emotion that you felt when you had a high school crush.



It shows you what family is really about, especially sisterhood. This movie portrays a beautiful relationship between three sisters that have to learn to support each other in spite of distance, as the older sister has to move away to college.



A beautiful Asian-American is the protagonist of the movie. Yes, this is important, especially nowadays with all the controversy surrounding immigration and racism. It is beautiful to watch  big movies starring people from diverse backgrounds and portraying them as a symbol of confidence and love.


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