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Top 4 Open-Air and Farmers Markets to Visit in Miami


            As a local, even finding the best outdoor markets for fruits, knick-knacks, or fashion staples can be a challenge. Many of us also enjoy shopping affordably and although some people are willing to blow a pretty penny on an item, doesn’t mean you have too if you can find that same item for a better price. Miami is home to a wide-range of eclectic activities and sights. However, some gems are not so shiny as others. Certain spots may not be as known as other ones and some free time deep digging must be done to search for these underrated locations. Below are a few but worthy markets that are a MUST SEE when living in or traveling to Miami. Each market is guaranteed to keep you entertained and intrigued at each tent and stand.


  • Lincoln Road Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month, from October to May, Miami’s largest outdoor mall, Lincoln Road, holds one of the oldest open-air markets: The Lincoln Road Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market. For decades, the Miami Beach attraction has brought together some of the best antique collectors in the land, local and international artists, youthful thirfters and much more. As you walk down the pavements of endless stands, buy yourself some all-natural coconut water and sip straight from the coconut itself or enjoy a steamed kebab of beef or chicken as you roam the market. This market not only offers materials but delectable foods as well. The best of both worlds! You can find out when the next days for the market are here: https://lincolnroadmall.com/lincoln-road-antique-market-schedule/


  • Yellow Green Farmers Market

The Yellow Green Farmers Market is in the heart of Hollywood, FL and is one of the largest and nicest. Yellow Green is a true farmer’s market providing a bounty of seasonal, fresh foods along with artisanal goods created by local artists and craftsmen. Each stand brings out a different level of curiosity and offers something for everyone. Learn about the journey your food makes from land or sea to your kitchen and table. Come support and chat with local farmers and gain a deeper understanding of the many healthful and environmental benefits of seasonal eating.

Open Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • Allapattah Market


Bringing in the younger crowd of artisans and thrift-hungry hippies, The Allapattah Market will be the newest indoor/open-air market to come to Miami. Created by The Wood Tavern Group, this market is slated to launch soon and initially will be open every Saturday, with additional openings and offerings to come. But if you can’t take the wait, you can swing by Wood Tavern’s “El Mini Market” which pops-up every fourth Sunday of the month at the Wynwood hotspot. If Wynwood is a hot spot for you then the Allapattah market is definitely one you need to check out, it won’t disappoint.

  • Normandy Village Marketplace

This hidden gem takes place every Saturday from 9am-5pm. The Normandy Village Marketplace may not be the most known, but it holds a large variety of stands for the small space that it takes up. From fresh cut flowers, tapestries and incense, great quality jewelry for great prices, to snow cone stands and purses, this open-air market offers an amazing mix of vendors that represent the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Normandy neighborhood. Not much to be said about this market except that it is one of the more underrated markets in the Miami area and it is not one to miss.

A free spirit who was born and raised in sunny Miami, Fl, Valerie currently studies at Miami-Dade College and is working toward a degree in journalism in hopes of making a difference in the world by unraveling her inner activist through her writing and actions. Everyday making progress little by little.
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