Living in Miami when under 21 and over 18 : A Guide on Things to Do in a City that almost entirely thrives on Partying and Drinking


The other day, I was hanging out with a friend of mine who unfortunately, is not of age yet. We lounged around on a Saturday night in my friend’s backyard and chatted the night away. This made me realize just how difficult it is to find fun things to do in Miami, when drinking isn’t an option. Which is why I decided to create this list not only for my less fortunate friend, but also for all the others that are on the same boat of being legally adults, but not legally allowed to party. This list also includes day time activities that may be a better alternative for those not being able to go out on a Saturday night.


  1. Knauss Berry Farm

Knaus Berry Farm is known for its delicious and homemade warm cinnamon buns. It is appealing to both tourists and locals alike, people tend to go and buy cinnamon buns by the dozen, just make sure to get there early! They run out quick. Try something out of the ordinary while your at it and sip on their drool worthy milkshakes.


2. Bird Bowl

Who doesn’t love games! Bird Bowl is a huge bowling center that is great for people of all ages. Going there with a group of friends is wholesome fun that definitely beats staying home. If you’re into sports, they also tune in on any games playing that night.  


3.  Nite Owl Theater

If you consider yourself into the weird and mysterious, or just like Twin Peaks, or old movies, I definitely suggest this movie theater to you. Nite Owl is a movie experience like no other. It’s decor and options for snacks beat the average movie theater. If you’re on a budget, the prices are fair. Nite Owl is a unique place that should be visited at least once by Miami locals.


4. Drum Circle

Every Full Moon (once a month for those that don’t know), Miami natives gather together at the beach for what is known as Drum Circle. People bring their own instruments, make a bonfire, and dance all night. There will usually be performers too, it gets WILD. Partying not your thing? That’s fine! Bring a blanket and some snacks, plenty of people sit further away from the party and chill with their friends. There are very few rules at Drum Circle but one of them is to not litter, please! Keep that full moon date circled on your calendar, and look up Drum Circle Miami on facebook to find out where the party is.


5.  Visit an Escape Room

Gather a group of friends and look up an escape room near you! Escape rooms have different rooms with mysteries to solve. Themes can vary from a diamond heist, to a zombie lab, or prison break. Escape rooms are a great way to figure out which of your friends you would pair up with if a zombie apocalypse ever happened.


6. Check out Local Miami bands

I remember when I wasn’t 21 yet my favorite thing to do on the weekend was go to local miami shows. They tend to be 18+ and have cheap costs for tickets at the door. If you have no idea where to start, just look up “shows in miami tonight”, include words like “local”, “18+”, or just type in the band you like. The greatest part about watching Miami local bands play is that you actually get to meet the band members, and if you’re lucky, you could even hang out with them. Some bands to check out are Mustard Service, FOOM!, and Jacuzzi Boys.


7. Paddle Boarding/Kayaking

This list would not be complete without a water activity of some sort, It is Miami, of course. If you don’t have a paddle board or kayak, go on groupon and there are tons of options to rent some for as low as 10$. If you do have a paddleboard or kayak, definitely go island hopping. Miami has tons of uninhabited small islands that could use some human company, as long as no one litters, it’s a lot of adventure and fun.


Miami is filled with a lot to do but most are hidden gems, you just need to do some deep digging and you will find that there are many activities for the youth who still are not able to enjoy a "proper" nightlife.