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Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy and its Significance for Young Empowered Women

On Sunday, February 4th,  Kylie Jenner announced she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Stormi Webster. After what feels like a year of hiding and making the world wonder where she was (and what she was doing), Jenner decided to announce this life-changing moment through her Instagram page. She wrote: “there was no gotcha moment, no big paid reveal,” there was no thought about business on her mind. How could there be? She was becoming a 20-year-old mother who had all the right to enjoy her pregnancy in privacy along with her loved ones. Even though people assumed a variety of lies and spread rumors filled with criticism, the youngest KarJenner sister decided to ignore all of it. Not only was this a message of courage and empowerment, but it also demonstrated that being famous doesn’t mean people get to decide every detail of your life in the public eye.


Even though Jenner received a great amount of support and love after her wonderful announcement, a large number of critics started to rise, too. One of these comments was not only aimmed at Jenner, but it was targeting young mothers in general. Both men and women started to leave comments on Jenner’s Instagram page


stating that she is “too young” to have a baby. The critics labeled her as “irresponsible” and “a bad example for teens.”


It’s 2018, a year where we’re supposed to be more open-minded and accepting of one another. It is unfair to insult a woman for having a child, regardless of her age. It’s even worse that people believe they have the right to assume details about celebrities as if these people knew everything that was going on in the celebrity’s life. Yet, the public decides to judge and negatively comment on her and her child as if their lives in the spotlight meant that they deserved to be insulted.



Kylie Jenner is young, this is undeniably true, but she is also an independent businesswoman. Jenner has  the right and opportunity , just like any other female in the world has, to have a kid when she decides to. Many critics believe Jenner has thrown away a lot of opportunities that she could have had, they also mentioned that she will miss out on being young because now she is forced to mature in order to be a mother. However, Kylie Jenner has already grown up faster than other teenagers because of her lifestyle. As a 20-year-old, she has a multi-million-dollar cosmetics company, a successful real estate portfolio, and is part of an ongoing 14-year-old reality TV show. This proves that she can take care of herself and her daughter with no struggle. This has nothing to do with the amount of money she has because other young mothers who don’t have that kind of money keep pushing forward for the sake of their kids. Instead, it shows that age doesn’t matter when it comes to the effort and hard work women go through for themselves and their loved ones. [KM1] Therefore, the critic who wrote about how Jenner is “being irresponsible for being a young mum”, is invalid.


The truth of the matter is, no matter how much the media and others try to control famous people’s lives, at the end of the day, celebrities have the power to show what they want to show, but also hide what they want to hide as well. This was demonstrated by the courage that Kylie had for herself and her baby. Plus, her responses to the hate will keep on proving that a woman’s age is not as important as having the power to make your own life decisions without worrying about what others think.

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