Get Ready for Another Enigmatic Maze on Riverdale’s Season 3


            Grab your jackets and mugs and prepare for another whirlwind of adventures in the newest season of Riverdale. Season two definitely left us with more than we can bear and none of us can wait a second longer to see as to what will happen next. Although production for season three took off this summer in Vancouver, Canada and its officially wrapped up, not much information has been revealed as to what will be served at Pops this time around. However. what we do know for the time being, are the following surprises and announcements that were made by the creator of Riverdale, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the CW:


  1. The First Episode

The first episode will start off with Archie in court, brought to light by RAS and a picture of a comic of Archie in court, along with a newly introduced enemy Ms. Wright, the district attorney Archie must deal with after being framed for murder by Hiram. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Wright “will weave together disparate moments of Archie’s young life to portray him as a dangerous, violent sociopath who is capable of committing a heinous crime.


  1. Hiram

Via EW, RAS says Hiram Lodge hasn’t even gotten started yet. “He influenced Archie. He influenced Reggie. He capitalized on Veronica’s love for him. But he didn’t get down and dirty in the mud that much.”


  1. The Secret Farm

In the season two finale, Polly tells Alice about the farm she’s been living at with her twins and how someone there “healed” her after everything that’s happened with Jason. This will be explored throughout the season and in the Comin-Con teaser trailer we see Polly and Alice holding the twins above a fire in some kind of “cult” ritual. RAS in his EW interview states, “We’ve been seeding the idea of the farm, and that the farm may not be as altruistic and as benevolent a place as Polly suggests… What is this place, and what does it mean for Polly?”

  1. Falice

For those who ship Alice and FP heavily, the audience can expect more scenes of “Falice” in the upcoming episodes. However, Hal shouldn’t be forgotten about completely and all eyes should stay glued on him. Mädchen Amick (Alice) mentioned that Falice “might be exploring a few old habits.” Therefore, Riverdale will delve deeper into the lovebird’s history then the brief flashback that was given in the past season.


  1. The Rest of the Jones Pack

Gladys Jones and Jellybean Jones, Jughead’s mom and sister, have been in discussions in the past two seasons but have never showed their faces in Riverdale. It looks like they might finally leave Toledo. Will it be bittersweet? Or will bad tiding be brought upon Jughead and FP? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Fans can look forward to new members of the Riverdale pack, or the Southside, new mysteries and wide-eyed moments in this new season. The season premiere will commence on October 10th at 8/7pm so mark your calendars! Check out the Comic-Con teaser below!