Easier Said Than Done


"You will be fine", they tell you. I know. People like us, those of us who try to do things "well" (whatever that may be and if there is such a thing) or, rather, those of us who believe that we do things well, always do well. That's what they tell us. That's what we say. Others, or the same, (if they are masochistic and very demanding of themselves as I am, or are simply negative disguised as "realists") could say: "not always". We always think that we will do well. We all believe the same thing until something goes wrong and from there, we get a little depressed (or a lot) and we do not think the same as before because, lately, things do not go our way. Many tell you, "But reproving is not failure. Making a difference is important along with giving your best. Have faith and you will see. Remain calm." That's what people say when we become ill. Because, we may not know or "feel special", but the same thing happens to all of us. What they do not tell you, is that failure is really a wake-up call to what is wrong. It is a kind of quality that we acquire with the evolution, over time, of reaching success. Countless times one is responsible for one’s own failure and every time it seems to get deeper and darker than merely that.

We become reckless when we fail. What happens is that sometimes, when life puts us to the test and we have to go through the same "test" again, we believe and trust that we were going to be victorious because we had corrected the mistakes we committed when the first time came around. Yet, nevertheless, we disapprove. That's why we become bad, because too much faith wa held in the first place. As if we did not deserve it for having failed. And, what really happens, is that comprehension remains inexistent. Without focusing on what we tend to hypothetically focus on. In the real "problem" or, rather, that kind of self-sabatoge we impose on ourselves to face the difficult (for many reasons) side of success. It is not that we "fail" by not listening to others. It simply does not go as planned because negative energy is emitted and was fed by listening to negative people and bad influences. By emitting bad energizes and attracting a future that we believe is negative, that is what happens. We predispose ourselves pessimistically, we do not make an effort because we believe it is not worth it, stress goes up because we do not want it to go badly, it goes badly because we do not make an effort and, therefore, we feel bad. That is what happens. It is the sentence of a negative prophecy towards our future. We believe that we are going through bad previous experiences. But, unfortunately, those previous bad experiences were also caused by the emission of negative waves and the premonition of a bad prophecy for us. Finding us, as I said at the beginning, in a circle and vicious cycle. One of the ways to get out is, precisely, by listening to people who tell us positive and productive things. We do not listen to others because we underestimate what they say and we believe that they are not right only because they do not agree with the negative prophecy stipulated by and for us or since we are afraid of having to modify something in the real and concrete, among other things. Overall, by listening to healthy influences, you can get out of that circle. And, if you do not have anyone to look too then be that person. Maybe, inspired by your light, others will approach you and want to share with you their own experience and thoughts. Be your own positive influence, but do so humbly. Be humble in order to correct yourself. But, above all things, let yourself see perspectives from afar to be objective and be able to improve.

Clearly we can not talk about certain things with everyone. And we are afraid to speak for certain reasons. So not even those worries, pains or frustrations do we show. You have to find the balance in everything you do. And learn to You realize that there is a time for everything. And that is difficult. Because human beings tend to obsess, entailers and cling to something. Whatever. And let's just say that. We speak only of that. We are just that. I learned that there are people to do certain things and that, also, there are people who are here for everything. There are people to whom we tell certain things and get bored because they say that it is the only subject that one knows and that life is not only that which gives us. We believe that, in spite of that, we should not be interested in anyone's opinion (or so we believe), neither should I. Because we say that we know perfectly what we do with our lives. And, in part, we are right. But we must recognize that we are not perfect and humble to tell our problems and realize that things within ourselves are not good, to be able to improve. There are many people like that. The problem is that you end up not being able to talk to anyone because you believe that we know everything or because of fear of showing our feelings and what we are. When we believe that we know everything and that we have nothing to learn, everyone bores them. When we are told that we do nothing more of our life than what we are used to or what we are obsessed with, we think that they are wasting theirs. And it is all that, that arrogant, arrogant, egocentrism set that makes us live the failure that we find difficult to assimilate, feel, count, learn and overcome and then evolve. You have to talk always. Tell what happens to us It's nice to be able to express yourself. Let's take advantage of that gift, that gift. Not everyone has that freedom. I believe that people who do not express themselves and do not do this are devalued and do not want to. And it's sad. Because I consider that to value you and to love you as a human being is the most valuable thing. Let us use the ability to express ourselves and say (in every way and in every possible way) the things in our favor to improve. It is part of valued and loved as a human being. Those people who tell us good things for our evolution or consolations so that we feel better, listen to them from time to time (if it does us good and they are constructive and positive things, what adds up.) Do not underestimate or make fun of their advice, opinions or optimism just because we are not capable of having it or doing what they tell us. Because they are for something and surely have something to contribute. This way you can learn new things every day and advance your own learning.

In the end, I believe that everyone lives life in their own way. And in any way that is lived, as long as it is healthy, that's fine. That is why I mean that one chooses to live his life in a certain way and point.

We do not settle for something. I think it's always better to go for more. Let's try to be ambitious about our own desires and our own aspirations and not what the delays we want. We always try to be better every day. And do not despair. Some day will appear that indicated, when it is the moment. Believe me, I know.

Make yourself worth a lot. Take your time. Everything happens when it has to happen. Do not let them hurry and pressure you. Let things flow. Take things easy, be practical, independent, direct. I know that all this sounds easier said than done. But de-dramatize and do not over-emphasize life. That is to be lived and not to be a burden.