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Winter – My New Favourite Time of the Year

Wintertime used to be my least favourite time of the year. With the exception of the incoming holidays, there was nothing I detested more than the cold, slushy snow and shorter days, and not to mention – the dreaded winter blues. 

Despite my long-held prejudice against the season, something changed in me last year. Part of the reason simply came from understanding the fragility of life and the preciousness of each moment. As November rolled around, I found myself to be a changed person of sorts. I recall waiting by my window, with scented candles lit up, hoping to catch a glimpse of the first snowfall. There was also a growing excitement in me, and the thought of spending time with my family by the fireplace, telling stories, seemed like an occasion to look forward to. So there I was, a seeming winter fanatic, newly obsessed with the spirit of the season. My newfound love for the season has allowed me to be an amateur expert, and I want to share my favourite aspects with everyone!

THe snow

Witnessing a fresh blanket of snowfall for the first time is a beautiful experience – especially at night. The quietness of the snow and the frosty air combine to create a peaceful moment where one can observe the quiet beauty of nature. 

Family time, traditions, & christmas

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of winter is the break – where for a period of time, I do not have to worry about school or deadlines but can instead spend time with my family, reading books and baking. Not to mention, winter for me also equates to Christmas time, which means decorating the Christmas tree, opening presents, and playing Let It Snow or Rockin Around the Christmas Tree on the piano. A special tradition my family and I have is baking.


My two all-time favourite movies (although perhaps the latter may not qualify as a winter/holiday movie) are Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary. I religiously watch these two during the frosty months, alongside The Holiday. Nothing provides me more comfort than curling up on the couch, switching on my comfort movie, and completely losing myself in it.  Add switching on the fireplace and pulling over a soft blanket, and therein lies the perfect evening.  

Winter wardrobe

With a change of seasons also comes a change of wardrobe. The sweaters, coats, puffer jackets, mittens and scarves all come out. The best aspect of winter fashion is layering – the perfect outfit for me would be a comfy thermal, cute sweater, a light shacket, and a colourful and chunky scarf. (PS the best fashion inspo – regardless of season – @matildadjerf!) 

Winter activities

Skiing, skating and tubing – winter activities hold a special place in my heart. There is nothing better than going with your family, a group of friends or even by yourself and fully embracing winter by actively participating in it. 

Now that I have become a cold-loving winter enthusiast, I hope this article inspired others to give winter a fair chance in all its glory!

Janvi Bedi

McMaster '23

Janvi Bedi is a student at McMaster University with a concentration in Honours Life Science. Some of Janvi’s passions include reading, writing, and giving back to the community. She is excited to pursue her love for writing at HerCampus McMaster!
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