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Why You Should Always Leave Room for Dessert

Dessert is the best part of any meal. Even when you’re completely full, you still have a desire to indulge in something sweet. It’s a treat that’s whole purpose is to bring you happiness. Even so, I find myself skipping dessert when I’m at home or even out with friends. When I was younger, I would never skip a chance to treat myself to something sweet – I had the biggest sweet tooth! Yet I find the older I get, the more I neglect little things, like dessert, that make me happy.

I began to wonder; why do we sometimes stop doing the activities in life that make us content? I recall so many things I would do when I was younger, the mere reason being that I loved them. Yes, one of them is eating dessert, but also painting was something I could spend hours on end doing. I could sit down the whole day and entertain myself with my paints. I would come up with stories behind all of my paintings and see if other people could see the same, or what they appreciated from my work. I only recently realized I haven’t painted in almost two years. Reading is another example of an activity that was once part of my everyday routine, and is now something I find a chore due to me prioritizing other tasks first. 

It’s understandable that the older we get, the more responsibilities we accumulate. But why neglect little things in life that make your heartbeat a little bit faster from the excitement? I think almost everyone can relate to the feeling of being stuck in our own head sometimes with all the tasks and worries we deal with on a day-to-day basis. It becomes difficult to stop and enjoy activities we once loved. 

If you are in doubt about why you should do something for yourself today, remember that part of everyone’s responsibilities is to take care of themselves. You cannot attend to the rest of life’s worries, unless you are fully content with yourself. And I truly believe that adding your favourite enjoyments to your daily routine can uplift your spirit more than you anticipate. 

So I encourage you to indulge yourself in what you love to do. Don’t skip out on your happiness and desires… always leave room for dessert! 

Sara Malhotra

McMaster '23

Sara Malhotra is an avid reader and writer from Toronto, Canada. She is currently studying Life Sciences at McMaster University. As a passion, she enjoys painting as well as finding different outlets to explore her creativity. Sara is excited to continue her journey as a writer with HerCampus!
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