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Why I Believe Being Selfish is a Good Thing

I would describe myself as a caring person. Growing up, I consistently looked out for everyone who was close to me and wanted to help others in any way I could. Although this is a good trait to have, I failed to realize that you cannot flourish without looking after yourself first. It was not until my brother said two magical words to me that changed my outlook on life: “Be Selfish.” 

I had always thought that being selfish, and the word ‘selfish’ in general, had serious negative connotations. Maybe it was because I learned that selfish people only care about themselves, which was obviously a bad quality to have. Or that a selfish person was also arrogant and egocentric. However, I have since changed my mindset on the idea of selfishness, and here’s a few reasons why:


Be selfish for your success.

If you ever want to achieve your goals and dreams, I encourage you to be selfish. In order to reach your aspirations, you have to stay focused on your own path and put yourself first. The infinite hours of effort that go into making dreams a reality can only be done by you, so why not make it your priority?

Be selfish with your time. 

It is okay to take out the time to work on yourself and priorities. You need to spend time watering yourself in order to grow into the individual you want to be. You wouldn’t give away your most prized possessions to people or things without thinking twice, so why give away your time? Use it wisely. 

Be selfish for your happiness. 

You should never feel bad about making decisions for your own happiness. I found that once I began changing my mindset to focus on myself, I became my own source of happiness – which I personally believe is the best gift anyone could give themselves. 


Although I do believe that it is good to be a caring person and help others, I also believe that you cannot help others until you help yourself. I encourage you all to take the time for yourself today onwards – it is your life!

Sara Malhotra

McMaster '23

Sara Malhotra is an avid reader and writer from Toronto, Canada. She is currently studying Life Sciences at McMaster University. As a passion, she enjoys painting as well as finding different outlets to explore her creativity. Sara is excited to continue her journey as a writer with HerCampus!
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