Top 7 Documentaries Netflix has to Offer

People are often quick to scroll past the documentary section of Netflix with the assumption that it’s filled with stories of prey and predator. And, while I love a good episode of Animal Kingdom, there is a multitude of documentaries that are arguably more exciting and mind-boggling than some of the most creative TV series out there. There’s a documentary for everyone. Here are some of the best docuseries and documentaries on Netflix right now:  

  1. 1. Don’t F**k with Cats 

    This docuseries is easily one of the most twisted, intricate, and mind-boggling show Netflix has to offer. Just when the loose ends seem to be tied off, this story throws out curveballs that leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. Starting off in a bizarre corner of the dark web, we begin with a small Facebook group investigating a cruel cat killer, that escalates quickly into a nation-wide manhunt. The ending for this docuseries will leave you astonished but oddly satisfied with how everything – even the most minute and seemingly insignificant details – are connected. 

  2. 2. The Disappearance of Madelaine McCann 

    This docuseries explores the numerous theories that surround the disappearance of 3-year-old Madelaine McCann from her bedroom while on a family vacation in Portugal. This eerie and unsettling story takes you through the timeline of her disappearance and explores the bizarre media frenzy that surrounded the events. As this case remains unsolved, the docuseries takes you through each possible outcome and takes you into the mind of the detective. While the investigation never concluded, exploring the various theories will leave you with a newfound respect for detectives. 

  3. 3. Wild Wild Country 

    Filled with chaos, bizarre power dynamics, and an unsettling dystopian feel, this documentary follows the Rajneeshpuram cult that set its base in the desert of Oregon. The documentary explores how a small group of religious revolutionaries established a utopian city and gathered followers by the masses. With the philosophy based off of peace and love, this society became the centre of the first Bioterror attack in the United States, which quickly and publicly descended into chaos. This docuseries will have you hooked and blown away with how quickly this society managed to rise and fall along with its bizarre aftermath. 

  4. 4. Evil Genius 

    With another twisted and bizarre plot, Evil Genius follows a bank-robbery-turned-hostage situation leading to the death of a pizza delivery man. What starts like a seemingly simple plan expands into a multi-murder investigation with one underlying interconnected plot and a central mastermind. This docuseries will have you blown away with how calculated and manipulative people can be. 

  5. 5. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez 

    This heartbreaking docuseries follows the death of an 8-year-old boy named Gabriel Fernandez at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend. A brutal look into the world of child abuse and the broken child protective services surrounding a seemingly preventable death will have you astonished and blown away. Disclaimer: this docuseries is not for the faint of heart. 

  6. 6. This is a Robbery: The World's Biggest Art Heist

    This absurd story follows the robbery of 200 million dollars’ worth of art from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the 1980s. Filled with twists and turns, and a deeply interconnected network, this docuseries takes you to the heart of the world’s biggest art heist and the hunt for the missing art pieces. The ending will leave you astonished by the true value and currency of art. 

  7. 7. Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

    This documentary follows con-man William Rick Singer and explores how he was able to infiltrate the admissions processes of some of the most prestigious Ivy League schools. This documentary will leave you astonished and blown away with the corruption that exists in the college system, along with class barriers in Western society. I promise, you will come out of it with a better understanding of what money can buy. 

These documentaries and docuseries will get you hooked on the genre of non-fiction and the chaos that exists in the world around us. With something for everyone, these documentaries are some of the best that Netflix has to offer.


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