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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

Trigger Warning: Some of the contents of this article and some of the podcasts listed below contain references to rape and sexual abuse that may be triggering for some individuals.

True-crime podcasts are everywhere these days. Does society have a true-crime obsession? I don’t know about society as a whole, but I sure do. That’s why I carefully curated this list of my favourite true-crime podcasts. These are sure to help you get your true-crime fix!


This is my go-to podcast. Each week, an anonymous Australian narrator takes us through a different case. The cases cover a range of serial crimes, including infamous serial murders. This is perfect for those who want all the intimate details about cases in a palatable hour-long podcast, with comprehensive crime scene descriptions, recounts of suspects and motives, and excerpts from police interrogation tapes. What I love most about this podcast is that it goes into detail without being exploitative of the victims.

My personal favourite episode is Case 50: Jennifer Pan. It explores a notorious case that made national headlines in Canada where a seemingly random home invasion and robbery took place in Markham, Ontario. This crime resulted in a mother tragically being murdered, a father suffering from fatal injuries, and an adult daughter left tied up. Excerpts from detective interviews with the daughter reveal a web of lies and a crime that is so much more than what meets the eye.

My Favourite Murder

There’s a reason why this podcast has sold-out tours and its own fanbase called “Murderinos.” It’s just that good. If you’re looking for a light-hearted and funny true-crime podcast, then this is the right podcast for you. Each episode discusses different murders selected by each of the hosts. Hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, this podcast is the perfect blend of comedic banter and true-crime. This relatable podcast feels so comfortable, almost like you’re discussing true-crime with your girlfriends. It also offers candid and refreshing discussions about mental health. It satisfies your morbid fascination with true-crime and simultaneously has you feeling like you just had a breakthrough therapy session.

My personal favourite episode is Episode 18: Investigateighteen Discovery (yes, the episode titles are puns). This episode explores two stories, including the infamous story of Mary Vincent, a teenage survivor of a brutal attack after being picked up while hitchhiking. The story takes an empowering turn at the end when Mary Vincent bravely faces her perpetrator in court. It’s told in a very heart-warming and refreshing way.


If you’re looking for a podcast that goes beyond a single episode to tell a noteworthy story, then this season-long podcast, consisting of 10 episodes, may be right for you. Suspect re-examines the unsolved murder of Aparna Jinaga, a 24-year-old woman who co-hosted a Halloween party at her apartment complex in 2008. After leaving the party to head back to her apartment, she wasn’t seen again until her dead body, which showed signs of a violent assault, was found on her apartment floor. All the partygoers were considered suspects, however, DNA evidence led to a few men in particular. This evidence was used to convict Emanuel Fair, a black man with priors. In 2019, nine years later, he was found not guilty of the murder and finally released. This podcast is not only engaging with twists and turns about potential suspects, but it also takes a critical look at the use of DNA evidence in convictions and the racial prejudices seen in the judicial system.


Believed is another season-long podcast, consisting of 9 episodes, that focuses on telling a single noteworthy story. Believed unravels the notorious case of Larry Nassar, the USA gymnastics doctor who managed to fly under the radar while abusing hundreds of girls and women for 18 years. It displays a sad truth that we see all too often: if the victims’ claims were immediately taken seriously by families and law enforcement, the perpetrator could’ve been stopped earlier. On a bittersweet note, these women eventually got the opportunity to get justice through the legal system, and Larry Nassar got convicted in multiple sexual abuse cases. This powerful podcast gives the survivors a platform to have their voices heard and poignantly enforces the idea that victims must be believed. I would say this podcast is a sad, but necessary, true-crime listen.

Hopefully, these hours and hours worth of true-crime podcasts are enough to satisfy your true crime itch!

Nithusa is a fifth-year science student at McMaster. She is passionate about writing, and HerCampus gives her the opportunity to channel her creativity.