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Sorority Spotlight: Alpha Pi Phi

Alpha Pi Phi is a sorority that is sweeping across North America, with a chapter right here in Hamilton. A sorority, you might ask. I know, we’ve all seen how Greek life is portrayed in movies, and well, this portrayal is a joke. However, this real-life Canadian sorority is far from that; Alpha Pi Phi prides themselves on their four pillars: Academics, Philanthropy, Sisterhood and Leadership. 

Academics are taken very seriously (unlike in the movies); after all it is an organization for students. The sisters study a multitude of different subjects, from science and commerce, to pre-med and pre-law. Philanthropy is a huge part of what makes Greek life so special. The sorority values spending time and energy giving back to the community. Alpha Pi Phi hosts regular fundraisers throughout the year in support of The Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, as well as participating in the Relay for Life. In addition to this, there are many unique and positive opportunities to gain experience in leadership, from having an executive role, to planning and organizing events, and creating a tight-knit network of people!

Sisterhood is by far the most incredible part of Alpha Pi Phi. Once you are a member, you have an unbreakable bond with your sisters for life. President of Alpha Pi Phi, Ava Roozro, couldn’t have said it any better: “Entering university, I had many negative connotations about sororities based on media.  I never thought I would join one, let alone find a group of girls I call sisters in. To the outsider it may seem like a “façade”, but two years after my rush, I look back now knowing I couldn’t have made it without them. They have been with me through my best and worst moments, and in all ways that matter, are family to me.  I have no doubt that I have gained friends who will remain for the rest of my life.”. It’s not just a ‘silly club’, but rather a family of women empowering and supporting each other and their community. 

Ava mentioned her ‘rush’, and you might be wondering what that is or what it means. Rush is a Greek life term for an event that takes place over several weeks at the beginning of the fall and winter semesters. This is where people who are interested in joining can learn more about the sorority and its members can get to know you!

Alpha Pi Phi is the place to be if you’re passionate about your studies and want to have a meaningful and fun college experience. From their group study sessions to their mixers, charity work, and formal events, it’s safe to say real life sororities are NOTHING like you see in the movies, in the best way possible.

Virginia Howard

McMaster '24

Virginia is a first-year social science student! You can find her at home studying or playing with her two little kids, or out travelling the world or dancing!
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