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My Recommendations for the Sephora Savings Event

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

Before I dive into my personal list, please allow me to state my credentials. My life has been intertwined with makeup and beauty for as long as I can remember, it’s always been an obsession of mine. As I enter my 20s, I have solidified many products that stay in rotation, from skincare to hair and makeup. My first trip to Sephora will forever be in my mind, I roamed the store with my basket with so much room for expression and fun with my mother and sister, and it became a weekly outing to try new products. I have been at the VIB status of the Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards system for about five or six years now, and the Savings Event is where I do my damage. This is my personally curated list of favourites from over the years, with products that ensure at least some taming to my curly hair and some coverage to my dark circles. 

I consider myself a Sephora pro and know that even if the most viral product or trend works on one face or head of hair, it may not work for another. Trust your version of beauty, not every one of those viral TikTok products, trends, or recommendations will work, this is just what works for me! That being said, I did not escape the 2016 Anastasia Beverly Hills block eyebrows.  

Sephora Collection Waterproof 12HR Retractable Eyeliner Pencil ($18) 

A holy grail of eyeliners, and a hidden gem in a store full of more expensive eyeliner, this Sephora Collection product is a home run. The waterproof formula does not budge in my waterline after a night out or even after an unfortunate stroll in the rain. For its price and quality, it’s a steal for the 30% off that is allotted to Sephora Collection products, and it comes in many different colours. Although it’s not the most innovative of all products, good quality eyeliner is needed in everyone’s bags, and matte black is a staple in any kit to elevate any eye or makeup look.  

Tower 28 Beauty Sculptino™ Soft Matte Cream Contour + Bronzer ($27) 

If you are looking for an easy blending contour, look no further. This product has a texture like no other, is so moisturizing on the skin, and still looks amazing when set with powder. Where I think other products lack in terms of price, wearability, and sensitivity on the skin, I think this product covers all areas with its high performance. As it’s a true contour shade, it still warms the face up when applied, and works as a crease colour for the eyes in its various undertones that are sold. It’s also clean and cruelty-free and truly feels like it’s nurturing my skin with its hydrating products.  

OUAI Curl Cream with North Bondi Fragrance ($44) 

As a curly-haired girl, this has been one of my favourite products I have ever tried in terms of curl creams. This product has changed my life in terms of embracing my curls and eliminating frizz, defining curls. The scent is also very intoxicating, as it leaves the hair with a floral scent that lasts for days. I have very thick and curly hair that soaks up a lot of product, so the size of the bottle is accessible and can last me a good few months. I can justify the steep price tag with the sale, as this is the time I usually stock up for the months ahead. Overall, it has put a lot more emotional security in my hair and curls for wash days and has helped me love my natural hair texture more than I could imagine.  

Glossier You Eau de Parfum ($92) 

Finding fragrances and scents that you enjoy is a unique and individual journey, as everyone finds their signature scent to carry through the stages of their lives. This fragrance has so many different notes that it melts into the skin and is a unique scent for every person. Staying true to the name, Glossier You creates an experience in this fragrance that not many other brands can say is true, a varying scent that keeps loyal customers coming back for new bottles. I pick up the sweeter notes of pink pepper and cream, while others have a different experience. Its genderless bounds create a new and exciting realm of fragrance, and in comparison to others in the store, not too steep of a price! 

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 ($52) 

Although I am a sunscreen hypocrite, it is very important! Like everything on this list, the trial and error of beauty products and finding ones that work remain the same for sunscreen. I’ve tried many brands from drugstores to Sephora, and I will always find my way back to this Unseen formula. The texture is like no other and feels like nothing is on the skin. It glides under and on top of makeup perfectly and makes the hassle of sunscreen way more convenient. This is one product texture I have not seen duped in any means, as it is such an innovative sunscreen product in our current market. I will admit, the price is off-putting, but the splurge is necessary, as I always grab a bottle every time a sale occurs. 

As this sale extends onto further tiers of Beauty Insiders, I cannot wait to see TikTok hauls and reviews of all the products Sephora has to offer. Make sure to use the TIMETOSAVE code at checkout, as the sale closes on November 6th! If it’s on sale it’s basically free, right? Girl math!

Bianca Giacoboni is a writer at McMaster University's Her Campus. Bianca is starting as a writer in her fourth year at McMaster, and majoring in Honours Political Science. As a Political Science major, Bianca does a lot of research and writing on various topics such as digital and public policy, but also heavily enjoys writing about everything in between. She is very interested in a career in the public policy sector, as well as journalism and communications. In her free time, Bianca loves spending time with her dogs Bella and Gigi, and loves to read. Writing and journaling is a big passion, and hopes she can connect to readers of all kinds.