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My Favorite Ways to Get Some “Girl Therapy”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

With finals season creeping up on us, “girl therapy” is a much needed trend going around social media. For me, “girl therapy” is treating myself to self-care in a feminine type of way. This doesn’t necessarily have to include tons of pink, tons of “girl” stuff – but it can definitely include anything that makes you feel like yourself and happy during a stressful time. I love self-care, and it’s something I prioritize during exam season, especially knowing how stressed I’m going to be in the coming weeks. “Girl therapy” is basically a fun and easy way to de-stress and give yourself a little bit of love! If you haven’t had any “girl therapy” recently, here’s a list of ten of my absolute favorites:

  1. Buying a fun drink while studying – usually an iced coffee for the caffeine but with a little bit of syrup for the therapy
  2. Everything showers in the evening – helps if you set the mood lighting before the shower
  3. Working out in a cute set
  4. Fresh flowers – perfect for spring
  5. Making a Pinterest board
  6. Rearranging your room
  7. Curling your hair (or straightening)
  8. Listening to your favorite music artist
  9. Binge-watching your favorite YouTuber
  10. Reading a wholesome and feel-good book

I hope this small list gives you a little bit of self-care to prepare for the upcoming exam season!! “Girl therapy” has become one of my favorite ways to just take a break and get out of my head, and a few of these things are also productive ways to check things off of my to-do list! While there are so many ways that you can give yourself a little bit of self-care, focusing on what makes you as an individual happy in your own skin and mind is key to feeling like yourself – especially during an incredibly stressful time!

Maya is a third-year student at McMaster University, working towards a degree in Psychology and Human Behaviour. She is a social media director as well as a writer at Her Campus at the McMaster University chapter. In her spare time, you can find her jamming out to Taylor Swift, running a book blog, and binge-watching the newest and upcoming shows, usually all with an earl grey tea in hand. She’s also interested in mental health and improving her own mental health by experimenting with different self-care and wellness methods, as well as sharing her experiences with others through her writing.