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Must-Have Apps to Stay Connected with Friends This Summer

As the winter semester comes to an end, many students are returning to their hometowns for the warm summer months. These emotions can be bittersweet as it’s exciting to finish your exams and assignments, but it’s also difficult to move away from your university friends and the memories that have been made.

Personally, I do everything with my university friends – we cook, shop, clean, workout, and watch our weekly reality shows together. Our lives are completely connected. While technology and social media can make the long-distance friendships easier, sometimes your new summer routine and life can make it difficult to check-in with each other.

But don’t worry! Here are three apps that will be perfect to keep your friendships connected this summer, while also making new memories.

Time Tree

Time Tree is a calendar app that is specifically used for sharing and communication. Sync your calendar with your friends to view everyone’s agenda. Whether it’s work schedules, appointments, vacations, or upcoming events, you and your friends’ lives will be linked. This is great when planning FaceTime calls and in-person visits!


This new and exciting app has recently caught the attention of the social media world. Every day the app asks users to post real glimpses of their lives during a two-minute period that is constantly changing. Posts come in the form of photos, which includes pictures taken instantaneously from both the front and back camera. Pictures are then displayed on the users feed for their friends to view and interact with. However, those who choose to not post will not be able to see what their friends have uploaded. This app is more candid and unfiltered than other social media platforms, which takes off the pressure of presenting your best self. Show your life by being real!


The Rave app allows you to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services on your phone or tablet at the same time as your friends. With this, your movie nights and time spent watching your weekly shows never have to end. By using Rave you can ensure your content is perfectly synced while also being able to live chat and gossip about all your favourite characters!

Leaving your university friends during the summer months shouldn’t stop you from making memories and being in each other’s lives. Try these innovative and entertaining apps this summer, it could be a game changer in your friendships!

Chelsea Ogden

McMaster '23

Chelsea is currently a third year student at McMaster University, majoring in communication studies. She is passionate about writing and looks forward to pursuing her goal of working in the news and entertainment industry. HerCampus has provided her with the opportunity to have a creative outlet and to gain experience as a writer.
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