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How My Student House is Surviving COVID Boredom

Life as a university student during a global pandemic has brought forth many new experiences and has put others on a dreadful hold. No frosh week, no urgency to get your favourite seat in class, and no late-night library sessions. As a second-year student who had the opportunity to taste the normalcy of campus life, this school year has brought a complete new intensity of boredom. Although I am fortunate to live with six other girls in a student house, we have passed the high and excitement of living parent-free. We are totally COVID-fatigued. Besides our daily walk to Tim’s, endless scrolling on Tik Tok, and dressing up with nowhere to go, we decided to create a daily theme. This has encouraged us to finish our never-ending to-do lists while bringing fresh excitement into our evenings. This is what our week looks like:

Bachelor Monday

Monday may be the toughest day of the week, but ending it off with dramatic rose ceremonies, awkward dates, and second-hand embarrassing fights can totally make the day worth it. This semester we decided to spice up the night by creating a fantasy bachelorette league where each roommate predicts who will receive a final rose and score the most points – very similar to fantasy football, but way more theatrical. And if you’re living with a bunch of girls, don’t forget the closed captions, it can get very noisy when Matt James decides to kiss with his eyes open!

Taco Tuesday

TikTok trends can be a hit or miss, but we live for anything that involves food. The taco table has been our all-time favourite, especially because it’s student friendly. This cheap and flavourful house dinner will temporarily put you into a food-coma and postpone any school stress, which is absolutely worth it. And don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and try new and bizarre toppings!

Wine Wednesday

Any excuse to drink wine is a loud YES from us! We may buy the cheap stuff and have cookies and chips as appetizers, but that’s what the student life is about. Some Wine Wednesdays involve bad karaoke and dancing, while others are lowkey and may involve a podcast. I never know what to expect from the night, but that’s what makes it truly exciting! 

Board Game Thursday

Last semester we played endless amounts of Among Us as a time filler, however with our New Year’s goal of reducing our screen time, we have come to appreciate board games and card games. These nights were initially casual and laid-back but have now turned into a super competition. Our recommended favourite games would include: Sequence, Catch Phrase, Signal, and Spoons. 

Themed Friday

The ultimate night of the week! Choosing a theme and dressing up is the closest thing we have to feeling like normal university students. While some Friday nights complement holidays like Halloween and Christmas, others are totally random like neon lights, Hawaiian night and the Olympic games. 

During this lockdown, be creative and don’t let your tired school brain and COVID exhaustion stop you from having a memorable university experience. You never know, your night might turn into the next TikTok trend!

Chelsea Ogden

McMaster '23

Chelsea is currently a third year student at McMaster University, majoring in communication studies. She is passionate about writing and looks forward to pursuing her goal of working in the news and entertainment industry. HerCampus has provided her with the opportunity to have a creative outlet and to gain experience as a writer.
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