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Facebook Marketplace: A Game-Changer for At-Home Selling and Buying

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided most of us with a lot of extra time at home. Many individuals, including myself, resorted to cleaning and purging items to keep us busy and distracted from the nightmare consuming the world. This is when I discovered Facebook Marketplace.

As someone who isn’t a Facebook fanatic, I was surprised when I quickly became passionate about selling, thrifting, and donating items in an efficient and resourceful way. This online community truly gave me inspiration during quarantine and presented me with a clearer perspective when it comes to purchasing and selling.

One of the benefits of Facebook Marketplace is the incredible bank savings. Many items on this app have maintained their good quality yet are generally a lot cheaper than their initial price in store. As well, many people will mark their products as “free” due to limited space or moving circumstances, so with patience and time you can find something that interests you and your wallet.

This selling feature is a great option for anyone who wants to furnish or decorate a home on a budget. When I moved into my student home amid the pandemic, Facebook Marketplace was my only option to find furniture. For $330, I was able to purchase a glass desk, headboard, night table, dresser, mirror, and lamp. To put this in perspective, Ikea sells the same dresser for $219. This was a deal!

Another advantage that keeps attracting me back to Facebook Marketplace is the positive environmental impact. Having the opportunity to upcycle items instead of contributing to landfills, is something I will never turn down. It’s a great reminder that not all items need to be purchased new – this is something you shouldn’t be embarrassed about. Instead, be proud to develop an environmentally conscious mind that can impact your ecological footprint.

Remember, you can always add paint or sew a few stiches to make the product work for you. Be creative, save money, and help others!

Chelsea Ogden

McMaster '23

Chelsea is currently a third year student at McMaster University, majoring in communication studies. She is passionate about writing and looks forward to pursuing her goal of working in the news and entertainment industry. HerCampus has provided her with the opportunity to have a creative outlet and to gain experience as a writer.
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