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Eight Podcast Recommendations to Spice Up Your Listening during Lockdown

If one good thing has come out of this pandemic for many people, it’s a newfound appreciation for podcasts to occupy the countless walks that are now the most exciting part of the day. Here are a few pod recommendations for you to spice up your listening, covering a broad range of hosts and subjects. Happy listening!

The Catch and Kill

If you’re up for something heavy and curious about investigative journalism, you will become invested in this series. Ronan Farrow leads The Catch and Kill, all about how Harvey Weinstein’s exposé came to fruition. Farrow exposes how corrupt but powerful figures in Hollywood are monsters: they will go to great lengths to protect their reputations and silence women. You will never forget the stories told on this podcast.

TW//: this podcast includes interviews with women that were raped by Weinstein, and much discussion around assault and harassment.


Looking for something a bit lighter and hilarious? Comedic actor Benito Skinner, famous for his spot on impressions (he does an amazing Sean Mendez, check him out @bennydrama7) and Manhatten-based actress, comedian, and writer Mary Beth Barone just released a podcast called Obsessed (on Spotify) where they talk about things they’re obsessed with. These two have the best senses of humor on the planet combined with incredible impressions... you’re in for a treat.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Need some help with focusing, advice on how to organize your career and life? Cal Newport, author of So Good They Can't Ignore You, Deep Work, and Digital Minimalism (all 10/10 reads), talks about habits, concentration, and how you can prioritize the things in your life to achieve both personal and professional success. Newport is highly educated: he’s a professor of computer science at Georgetown University, a graduate of M.I.T and Dartmouth. He is clearly familiar with what the challenges of being a student are. His approach is methodical and realistic and he answers listeners’ questions weekly on this pod Deep Questions. His advice will change your life!

The Girls Bathroom

In the mood for some heavy British accents and girl talk? @thegirlsbathroom pod has your back! Best friends SofiaTuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo are into fashion, unpacking relationship and friendship drama, and just talking about things in a light-hearted space. Listeners send in their dilemmas and Sofia and Cinzia share their opinions, sort of like a magazine column style!

Politically Sober

Interested in getting a well rounded view of politics, led by our very own Mac student Hashim Ridha? Politically Sober, on the Apple podcast app, is an excellent listen. Hashim has a different guest on every week and interviews them about topics ranging from the Tamil genocide to Conservatism in Canada. This podcasting gives youth a voice in politics! More info on https://politicallysober.weebly.com/

How C*m

This pod is all things sex! Host Remy Kassimir has doctors, psychotherapists, comedians, sex meme Instagrammers, you name it! Remy covers a broad range of topics every episode from feminism and the patriarchy to being polyamorous. This podcast is about shamelessly learning and talking about sex. Fun fact, Remy started this podcast because she had never had an orgasm, hence the title!

Middle Ground Podcast

The vibe of this pod is calming and mature. Jo Johnson, 27, & Caroline Stelte, 21, have an iconic millennial and gen z friendship, and talk about things all women need to hear: how to cultivate confidence, how to harness main character energy and love yourself. To put it bluntly, they are much more relatable than podcasts hosted by influencers because they’re not ridiculously rich. They talk about their own life experiences and practical things like how to budget and manage your money. Very empowering, highly recommend!

*most episodes under an hour*

Good For You

On Good For You, Whitney Cummings, known for her stand up routines, interviews a new guest weekly (spoiler Paris Hilton comes on one). She talks about her romantic expectations in society (very relatable) and understanding the female brain. This is an upbeat podcast, best for longer walks, as some episodes exceed 2 hours!

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