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Being earth conscious has become more and more popular. It’s become common to see paper straws, reusable coffee mugs, digital copies of books, or reusable grocery bags. However, it can still be difficult to find those eco-friendly beauty products that actually work. Girl, I got you! If you want to feel fresh but save the planet at the same time, here are my personal favorite beauty/hygiene swaps. 


This is the number one product that never does the job when looking for an au natural, environmentally friendly version. You either end up with a painful rash, you stink, or both; and that just isn’t worth saving the planet for. 

However, there is one particular brand I swear by that works perfectly called Native deodorant. Native is natural and chemical free, and they have a totally plastic free version so that you can smell nice and save the earth one deodorant stick at a time! 


Makeup in general is typically not environmentally friendly. It’s all small plastic tubes and containers that most people just throw in the garbage. Yet again, if there is a more environmentally friendly version, the compromise is usually in the quality of the product. Elate mascara is a great mascara swap! 

Body Wash/Hand Soap

I know bath and body works has so many amazing scents, and amazing sales - but girl, so much plastic! Go back to the basics. Bar soap! Bar soap can be used as body wash, shaving cream, or hand soap. It lasts forever and is free of bulky packaging. Lush or most farmers markets are great because you can get them in paper bags, but even amazon has so many fun soaps; if you are making an order anyway, throw them in your cart! 


Shampoo and conditioner bars. Hear me out okay! These seem so weird and wrong to use, but they have much more natural ingredients which are 100x better for our hair, and they have no packaging! (if you are a traveller, they are great for that as well because they are smaller than a bottle!) Ethique is carbon neutral, plant a tree for every order, have sample sizes, and offer full refunds if you don’t like the product. Best of all, one bar is the equivalent of 7 bottles.

Nail polish

Last but certainly not least is nail polish. Most nail polishes come in a glass container which is great, but the cap is not eco-friendly. While they aren’t fully eco-friendly, Nails Inc. have released a line of polishes that come with a recyclable/sustainable wooden cap. 

You don’t have to compromise the quality of your products to make better earth friendly choices. It can be hard to find the right products but here is a place to start on your journey to a healthier/ happier planet!

Virginia Howard

McMaster '24

Virginia is a first-year social science student! You can find her at home studying or playing with her two little kids, or out travelling the world or dancing!
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