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Carefully Curated Christmas WishList

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

2020 has been a whirlwind for all of us, however, the holiday spirit is still cruising in the air with Secret Santa being even more ‘secret’ and holiday gift-giving including more & more quarantine friendly items. In case you weren’t already in the holiday spirit, this short, budget-friendly read will be sure to get you cracking on your Christmas wish list, or better yet – provide much-needed inspo for gift giving this holiday season! 


For the Beauty Lover


To start off, who doesn’t appreciate all things makeup?! Sometimes the perfect gift can even be as simple as an eyeshadow palette or even better, an advent calendar that perfectly captures the excitement of holiday seasons. 

Holiday makeup sets are all the hype this holiday season, with brands like Sephora carrying a multitude of money-saving bundles and sets. Here are a few that caught my eye:


The Sephora favorites ‘Makeup Must-Haves Bestseller Set’ includes all of 2020’s Sephora best sellers. With a $146 value, this set is sure to be a holiday must-have for all beauty gurus!



The Fenty Beauty by Rihanna ‘Fenty Glow Trio Face, Lip & Body set’ is truly an all in one limited edition bundle featuring the famous Fenty gloss bomb, their best selling cream blush, and the iconic Fenty Glow body highlighter. 


Mario Badescu’s holiday set is sure to be a gift lover’s dream. ‘The Icons: Drying Lotion & Rose Facial spray duo’ is a classic featuring Mario’s best- selling skincare products all in one bundle priced at just $19! Don’t miss out on your chance to get this limited edition set from Sephora. 



For The Lifestyle Enthusiast 


This one is for all the homeowners and lovers who just can’t get enough of buying more & more to revamp their homes. Here are some products that are essential for making your home holiday worthy:


The Shop Neophyte’s Goober candles are a must-have for all candle lovers out there! This small Toronto-based general store features handmade products like the quintessential Goober candle for all those neophytes (newcomers)  out there looking to amplify their living spaces. Look no further than this small business, to not only support but also give gifts to a loved one!


Staying in has become the new normal, and what better way to end off the year than with some silky products for your bedroom. Butter.silk offers gorgeously created silk pillowcases for all your comfort needs as well as bed-head needs! With more than three different colour options, these silk pillowcases are sure to be a staple item in your nighttime routine as well as your wishlist for this holiday season. 



For the Accessorizer 


The perfect Christmas gift is often said to be a delicate masterpiece. What better way to celebrate this holiday season than some fine and delicate jewellery? Milenio Jewellery features finely curated delicate pieces ranging from butterfly anklets and necklaces to bundle bracelet sets- everything you need for a perfect accessory addition! Not only are these pieces local and affordable, but each purchase also donates to a good cause (for example- $1 from every purchase donated to CIBC Run for the Cure). #supportsmall


This year has not been short on trends and the scrunchie trend has been one of the most popular one we’re taking this holiday season! 

Luxury scrunchies made from different materials including  silk, velvet and even satin are increasingly becoming the  go-to gifts for every female out there. Look no further than two growing small businesses based in Toronto- The Scrunchie Barn and The Silk Labs. Both brands feature a wide range of luxury silk goods like scrunchies (& even masks) for accessorizing and making your everyday #ootd even more stylish! 



For the Quarantine essentials


Transform your everyday look to include stylish and safe 3-layered polypropylene masks curated with love from this small business based in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Candy Face designs is a quarantine project started to encourage the usage of face masks with a stylish twist! 

From flannel face masks to tie-dye prints, this small business incorporates unique styles for an amazing cause. And what’s even better- these masks are washable, adjustable and triple layered!! What better way to welcome the holidays! Treat your loved ones to a stylish 3-pack of masks that is sure to get innumerable used! #supportsmall


Another quarantine favourite sure to be on everyone’s current wishlist is mask-chains! Wearing a cute printed or coloured mask may be the way to go in 2020, but adding in a mask chain to make it even more versatile and easy to use is sure to make for an amazing holiday addition! Pair your everyday mask with a complementary mask chain and make it a dynamic duo that everyone has on their wishlists! 

Tanvi Pathak

McMaster '22

Tanvi is a third-year student Business student at The DeGroote School of Business majoring in Marketing Management with a minor in French. Apart from her passion for writing, Tanvi enjoys a good fiction book on the weekends and loves taking her dog on play-dates!