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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

I recently had my first experience in a nightclub and I have to say – it might be my new favorite way to let loose after a long week. It was recently FOCO (fake homecoming) at McMaster University. It’s essentially an excuse for students to go crazy, day-drink, and throw street parties. I’m not really one to join in on the street parties, (even though they are literally a stone’s throw away from my student house), but this year I figured I’d put myself out there and enjoy the spirit of the students all dressed in maroon. My friends and I spent the day enjoying cocktails, wandering about the streets of the McMaster area, and enjoying the spirit of everyone around us. It was fun to see that everyone was in such high spirits considering midterm season was fast approaching.

By the time the evening rolled around, the nightclub was the motive, so we hit up Hamilton Mansion which is located in downtown Hamilton. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Immediately I was surrounded by dancing students and people just letting loose. The music took over my senses and I felt the endorphin rush that comes from going to a concert and seeing everyone screaming their lungs out for your favorite artist. My friends and I picked up a few drinks and enjoyed the music and danced for hours until our feet ached. I loved the experience, but looking back, I’d definitely change a few things about what I’d done before the club.

Comfortable shoes – because nobody wants to cut off your feet at the end of the night

While the shoes you’re wearing might be super hot and make you look like a bombshell, it’s not worth the sacrifice your feet are going to be making. Comfortable shoes are the way to go. You’ll be able to feel your feet while enjoying the music and dancing with your friends!

Cooler clothing – because you’ll get a full workout with the dancing

If you’re into the music, I have no doubt you’ll be on that dance floor getting your groove on. It gets hot, and I mean hot. Wearing that cute sweater might have been a good idea before entering the club, but immediately you’ll be surrounded by sweaty bodies and body heat. Believe me, it’s not a good idea to be another sweaty body in that mix – do yourself a favor and wear clothing that’s sexy, but also breathable. You’ll thank yourself later.

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Stay with your friends – one eye on the prize at all times

It’s important that when you’re out at the club, you’ve always got an idea of where your friends are at. Keep at least one eye on the prize at all times, as I like to say. Searching the nightclub by yourself for your friends is never a good idea, and when it’s dark and loud in the club – for safety reasons – you should always have someone close by. Pro tip: establish a meeting spot if one of you gets lost.

Stay hydrated – water, water, water!

Staying hydrated in a sweaty and hot environment is key. Especially if you’re drinking alcohol, but even if you’re not, make sure you’ve been drinking water – one cup per hour in an environment that can make you dehydrated very quickly!

Cover your drinks – safety is a priority

Unfortunately, while nightclubs can be super fun, they’re also very dangerous. Drink spiking is very common in an environment like a nightclub and it’s important that you know where your drink is at all times and that you are watching it! Ensure that you know exactly what you’re drinking and where it came from! Also, ensure you’re watching the bartender pour your drink. Once you get your drink make sure that you continue to watch it and don’t drink it if you’re not sure if it’s safe! It’s better to be safe than it is to be sorry!

Be aware of your surroundings – it’s dark and loud

While enjoying your favorite song on the dancefloor, it’s important to make sure you know where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re with. Nightclubs can be a dangerous situation if you’re unaware of your surroundings. Make sure you’re in the right headspace to be in an environment that could potentially go the wrong way!

Have fun – responsibly.

Enjoy your favorite songs on the dance floor and hype up the DJ! Stick with your friends and get your boogie on!

Maya is a fourth-year student at McMaster University, working towards a degree in Psychology and Human Behaviour. She is Co-President of the McMaster Chapter of Her Campus Media. In her spare time, you can find her jamming out to Taylor Swift, running a book blog, and binge-watching the newest and upcoming shows, usually all with an iced coffee in hand. She’s also interested in mental health and improving her own mental health by experimenting with different self-care and wellness methods, as well as sharing her experiences with others through her writing.