7 K-pop Songs to Get You In The Mood For Halloween

Halloween 2020 is shaping up to be a very different experience than past years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun! Catch me, in costume, hosting a bedroom dance party to these bops with my friends over Zoom. Pop in an earbud and listen to these seven haunting k-pop songs from 2020. Linked at the end is the full Spotify playlist of 25 songs!

  1. 1. “Monster” by Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI

    Irene and Seulgi of Red Velvet brought Halloween in July with their horror-dubstep song, “Monster.” If the title and thumbnail don’t already give it away, I’d recommend you watch the video with subtitles to get some real goosebumps. There are various fan-made theories about the inspiration behind the song: the most popular of the selection is that the video is based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire novella Carmilla. It’s great to see Red Velvet’s first sub-unit debut with a dark song, as it fits well with the main group’s other spooky tracks, such as “Peek-A-Boo,” “RBB (Really Bad Boy),” and “Ice Cream Cake.”

  2. 2. “Can’t You See Me?” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)

    As TXT progresses further into their career, their discography gets darker. “Can’t You See Me?” is an extension of their last title track, “Run Away,” which explores the ups and downs of friendship. The music video features the members partying at Soobin’s house until Yeonjun sets a fire, and Soobin possibly gets killed during a fight. The video becomes creepy when the group represents blood with mashed strawberries and tomatoes. For more TXT Halloween songs, check out “PUMA” and “Eternally” from the same album, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.

  3. 3. “Girls” by NATURE

    NATURE’s “Girls” is undoubtedly the scariest (scary, not just spooky) music video of 2020. It is said to be inspired by Kim Jee-woon’s thriller, A Tale of Two Sisters. The video is a haunting contrast from the relatively bright song, which helps to reshape our understanding of the song and its lyrics. If you’re brave enough, take a look at the uncensored version that NATURE released after their promotions, which is the original version before it was prohibited by music stations. It includes scenes of strangulation, stabbing stuffed animals, axe and scissor violence, bloody dresses, and needles, making for a truly haunting video.

  4. 4. “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” by ONEUS

    TO BE OR NOT TO BE” is ONEUS’ take on Hamlet, but with more breakup angst. With lyrics like “Dead or alive, I’m gonna cut you off / I gotta kill you in my heart to live again,” Ravn and Hwanwoong fight to be crowned king while the other members struggle through various bloody messes. Also, check out “COME BACK HOME” from the same album for more royal deaths (and zombies this time!). The grandeur of the two music videos and songs puts ONEUS at the top of their game. 

  5. 5. “BOCA” by Dreamcatcher

    In “BOCA,” Dreamcatcher revisits their signature rock sound with fantastic rap breaks. The thriller concept goes strong as white faceless masks are seen throughout the music video (a continuation of their song, “Scream”). The juxtaposition of the bright city scenes, the light angelic scenes, and the dark haunting scenes make for a video that will keep you at the edge of your seat. If you liked seeing the chained zombies reach toward Dami as she raps “Everyone prays at the end of Hell,” then you’ll love its second music video--the zombie version! For other spooky Dreamcatcher songs, try “PIRI,” “Red Sun,” and “Chase Me.”

  6. 6. “Dr. BeBe” by PENTAGON

    PENTAGON started off the year with the powerful “Dr. BeBe” that filled our hearts with awe. They explain their feelings of obsession and pain after a breakup when they sing “Hey Dr. BeBe / Could die for you / … could go crazy for you.” Pentagon dramatizes the breakup with harsh images of members being tied up, strangled by strange hands, and hiding in bathrooms. The song could be a perfect soundtrack to a fight scene in a thriller...or the soundtrack for your (socially distanced) Halloween celebrations!

  7. 7. “Oh My God” by (G)-IDLE

    Oh My God” by (G)-IDLE will truly make you OMG as you stare at the screen. The song’s introduction features ominous church bells and Minnie’s quiet, haunting voice. Perhaps she is a fallen angel who began as mostly pale, but throughout the video, she is slowly overcome by darkness, which is symbolized by her hands turning black. Blood pours down her face as the other members navigate through an eerie castle. This incredibly unique song has made its mark in the k-pop scene for good. 

Listen to these seven spooky songs of 2020, as well as twenty more from all years in this playlist!