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Since going vegan a few months ago, I have constantly been in search of new recipes to try. Part of what has made the process so enjoyable for me is that vegan cooking is a lot easier. Veganism also tends to get extra creative around the holidays, which is another benefit in my books! Even if you’re not an Easter-celebrating-vegan, you can enjoy the following simple, delicious, plant-based recipes this spring:

For Breakfast: Easter Egg Pancakes

This recipe puts a twist on a classic vegan breakfast. The recipe calls for regular vegan pancakes, but I highly recommend the simple banana pancakes pictured above. Then comes the fun part: the faux fried “Easter egg,” made out of sweetened vegan yogurt and canned apricots. The best part about making this recipe is deciding which vegan yogurt to use because there are so many! From oat-based yogurt to “cashewgurt,” you are sure to find a vegan yogurt variety that you love…let’s be honest, a real egg wouldn’t taste good on pancakes anyway.

For Lunch: Vegan Carrot Lox

Carrots are strongly associated with Easter, and this recipe cleverly uses them to replace lox on a bagel. Just grab vegan cream cheese, shred some carrots, pile it all onto a bagel, and you’re good to go! One of my favourite things about vegan cooking is that it incorporates a lot of vegetables. If you’re like me and struggle to get in your daily recommended servings of veggies, try this recipe out this Sunday.

For Dinner: Roast “Lamb”

Roasted lamb is one of the most common Easter dinner meal traditions across many cultures. Thankfully, there’s a vegan variation: this vegan roast “lamb” perfectly captures the taste, texture, and look of the real thing. The recipe calls for the use of wheat gluten mixed with water to make seitan, a vegan meat substitute. Seitan is one of the most fascinating things about vegan cooking because it is simple to make and packed with protein. Add some spices, make the broth, and voila! You have a perfect vegan roast “lamb.”

For Dessert: Vegan Greek Easter Bread

One of my favourite things that my grandma makes every Easter is Greek Easter bread, also known as tsoureki. Naturally, I was happy to discover a vegan version of this sweet and fluffy bread. It’s simple enough and calls for plant milk and vegan butter substitutes. Plus, it looks and tastes the same as its non-vegan counterpart. Pro tip from my grandma herself: add the zest of one orange to this recipe for an extra tangy flavour. Even as a vegan, it’s possible to keep beloved holiday food traditions alive!

Whether you’ve been thinking about transitioning to a plant-based diet or are simply looking for some fun new things to cook, you can give these recipes a try even if you don’t celebrate Easter. For those who do celebrate, consider this proof: Easter is equally as enjoyable without the eggs!

Thalia is a third year English and Communications student at McMaster, also pursuing a minor in Music. When she isn't busy writing essays, you can usually find her exploring a new trail, figure skating, or organizing her Spotify playlists. She is excited to be one of the Campus Correspondents for Mac's brand new chapter!
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