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What the SuperBowl Means to Two Sports-Ignorant English Majors

The SuperBowl is the go-to sporting event of February.  Nearly everyone watches it, whether for the sport or the commercial… except for us.  SuperBowl Sunday is usually like every other day of the year.  Not this year, though.  This year we decided to sit down, watch, and see what we could understand!

Warning: Our discovery was that we could not understand very much at all.  Which was showcased by the fact that we all but gave up as soon as the halftime show was over.

Initial Reactions: “Wow, it’s like the SuperBowl is a big deal or something.”

As soon as the game actually started, one thing became abundantly clear.  Our wait for the pizza man was infinitely more important than what was happening on-screen.

Team names?  Unimportant.  As far as we were concerned the “Fire Horses” and the “Black Cats” were playing. 

The first few minutes of the game were apparently very eventful.  To us, the flags must have been representative of different countries, or something.

All we really knew was this: The Fire Horses were kicking ass.

Also that the commercials were significantly more entertaining than the game could ever be.

Half-time came along and saved us!  Or so we thought.  Full-disclosure: we were unimpressed until Bruno Mars took the stage.

Then we were super impressed when Beyoncé took the stage.  

When our SuperBowl party managed to blow multiple fuses in our house, we knew it was time to give up.


Go Fire Horses! 

Harmony Birch is not a tree, a guitar, or a female professor living in the UK. She is a student with a journalism concentration minoring in Arts Management and Women's Studies at MCLA, who tries to fully embrace the neurotic, workaholic New England lifestyle. In addition to being a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus MCLA, Harmony is the Managing Editor at The Beacon, and President of Students for a Democratic Society. When she's not writing articles or being an activist , Harmony can be found working on Shakespeare shows with Yorick, idolizing Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or waiting (not so patiently) for her Hogwarts letter.
As an English and Arts Management major at MCLA, Maggie is a prominent figure both on campus and in her community. Throughout her time at MCLA she has been involved with numerous clubs, most noticeably the Shakespeare club Yorick, where she is Vice President and also director of their fall show, Antony and Cleopatra. Off campus Maggie has worked at The Mount as part of the Berkshire Hills Internship Program, and is also the intern for the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition's Teen Writing Workshop. Maggie is also one of the Campus Correspondents for MCLA's chapter of Her Campus!
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