Things To Do Instead Of Going To Coachella

If you don't live under a rock, then you know that Coachella is happening this weekend. Anyone who is anyone will be there pretending that they know every single song by every single performer. However, if you don't have Instagram fame, you will most likely be staying at home looking at Instagram stories and liking the celebrity model pictures in front of a Ferris wheel. Here are some things to do instead of longing to be under the California sun, sloshing through mud and listening to music. 

1.) Marathon Shrek 

There are a total of seven Shrek movies, including spin-offs. 

2.) Go on a local adventure

Enjoy the sunshine or rain (depending on where you are). 

3.) Play Fortnite

Make it a drinking game. Every time someone dances during the loading game, drink. Every time you die, take a shot. Every time the storm shrinks, drink. 

4.) Pizza 

Hit up the local pizza joint or just get delivery so you don't have to get out of your pajamas. 


5.) Pretend you're at Coachella

Dress up in your most hippie clothing, jam to the artists you would be most interested in seeing and put on a fashion show for yourself... or your Instagram followers.