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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MCLA chapter.

It goes without saying that the 2016 presidential election, the actions of President Donald Trump and his administration have daunted the nation. While this can be stressful for anyone, the current political climate can be more exhausting for political science majors and anyone who is engaged with the field. One of the biggest challenges comes from the priority of knowledge between someone who is politically engaged and the average person. Most people can easily tune out voluntarily, but while attention to current events is vital for most people, it becomes mandatory for those who are politically active. While it might seem like a challenge, here are some possible ways to take a mini-cation from the insanity of reality:

1.) Netflix 

Among the many ways to slip away from the inundation of news, binge-watching proves to be an easy mode of escapism. The library of TV shows and movies contain and endless array of options of entertainment to enjoy. Shows like “Narcos,” “Family Guy,” “Gilmore Girls, and “Stranger Things” are not only entertaining and compelling, but can also make you think more critically.

2.) Walking

Despite the praise that exercise and working out gets for being a great outlet to combat anxiety, committing to an exercise regimen can be difficult. In fact, one of the best things about walking is that it can be easy to apply this into your daily life.

3.) Hanging with friends

One of the most essential things that people need to better improve self-care is a strong social security net. Keeping company around can help you connect with the little things in life. And it can make going out and about more fun. You and your friends can go to a museum, see a movie, or eat out/get some coffee.


While this isn’t a complete list, these suggestions can help people who are politically active to step away from the ongoing tension and concerns surrounding today’s political climate. One other thing that might help is to cut back on one’s connection to social media; however, this disconnection works more to mute the news feed, than recharging from the political climate. But through here, the retreat can be made easier to accomplish.






Alexander Stewart is a senior at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, majoring in English/Communications with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Political Science.
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