Spring Break's Expectation Vs. Reality

Spring Break came and passed, however, our expectations usually doline up with the reality of this week. You may have dreampt of travel and fun but this usually results in hanging around your house watching reruns with your cat. No matter where you spent your spring break, it likely didn't meet your expectations.


Expectation: Exploring distant cities and countries.

Reality: Remembering how expensive that is and ending up at the mall.

Expectation: Finally catching up on lost sleep thanks to midterms.

Reality: Your parents don't care about your health and of lack of sleep and  wake you up early for breakfast and chores.

Expectations: Getting turnt up  every night.

Reality: You turn up too hard once and feel it for the second half of your break.

Expectation: Bring all your winter clothes home to save time during move out day.

Reality: You bring back all your summer and spring clothes only adding to the problem.