Senioritis, As Told By The Belchers

Graduation is in less than a month and the motivation to do anything is pretty much nonexistent. If anyone can relate, it is the "Bob's Burgers" family: the Belchers. 

Overall mood: 

Reminiscing on the good ole' days to underclassmen:

Not having the will to wake up for class:

Trying to talk yourself into going to class: 


But once you're there: 

Not studying for finals and hoping positive thinking will help:

Finding out to walk at graduation is going to cost $$$: 

And trying to think of ways to make money so you don't have to ask mom for the fourth time this month: 

Realizing you aren't going to be seeing your friends every day for the rest of ever: 

Because at this point, your friends are your family and you guys are all equally terrible: