Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a Disney Princess

Disney is a very large corporation, and they have made an influence on most people’s lives in one way or another. I know for a fact that I am who I am today because of the Disney Princesses that I grew up with. From Snow White to Elsa, each princess’ story teaches morals and sends important messages to those watching. Here are some of my top five favorite Disney princesses and what I think is important to take away from their stories.

5. Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

Ariel is always getting herself into trouble. She lets herself get taken wherever the wind blows—or wherever the water flows! She disagrees with people, like her friends, Sebastian and Flounder, as well as her father, but she stands up for what she believes. Ariel lets her curiosity take her places, instead of trying to suppress it or keep it in check. We all need to let our minds wander a bit more like her.

4. Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”

From the very beginning of the movie, we see the spirit that Tiana has. She dreams big, she works hard and she doesn’t take “no” as an answer! Tiana is hit with so many hardships, from family trouble to friend drama to being turned into a frog, but she never lets any of that get in the way of her dreams or her determination. She is always looking for a way to not just survive, but thrive in the situation.

3. Merida from “Brave”

Merida is a very different character than most of the other Disney princesses. She is strong and impulsive, often making rash decisions. But with each decision she makes, she winds up in a different place, usually one she would not have discovered otherwise. Merida refuses to let other people control her, and instead takes her fate and her life into her own hands. Sometimes, it is a good thing to forget what is expected of you and just take time to enjoy doing what you love.

2. Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”

Belle is different than everyone else in her world, and she knows it. But she does not let that change who she is or how she thinks. She doesn’t change herself just so she can fit in with the other people in her village. She doesn’t let other people tell her how or what to think either. She stands up to people, like Gaston and the Beast, without fearing what people will think of her. She looks for the good in people, and tries to help them see good in return.

1. Jasmine from “Aladdin”

Jasmine is smart, witty and self-sufficient. She doesn’t let people control her easily. Jasmine stands up for herself, talks back to anyone and everyone, but also knows when to listen and learn. She can be loud and persistent, and yet at the same time she is gentle and calm. She puts her friends and family above anything, except for maybe herself. Jasmine knows how far to push herself and when to take a step back and let others help her. That is a lesson I for one know I need to learn, as I’m sure many others do!

Some people are annoyed with the traits and characteristics that the Disney princesses possess. But I for one am extremely glad that those are the people I was surrounded by during my childhood. There is so much to learn from those around you—both fictional and real. Sometimes, you just need to look from a different perspective.