Puppybowl Recap: The Real Game of the Year

            It’s the most anticipated game of the year: The halftime show, the commercials, the players. The Puppybowl returned this year for another cute, playful game with a few stars that stole the show.

            But what is the Puppybowl? It’s a televised event where puppies play “football” or fetch, really, to get their toys in the end-zone. Which is actually a great way to get people watching the Superbowl to watch this first and want to adopt puppies like these.

            The show tells you exactly which dogs are adoptable and gives you their full profiles including age and breed. A few puppies were spotlighted in short videos including Posey and Moxy, both of whom are still waiting for forever homes while they go from foster home to foster home.

            For the full list of adoption agencies, go to http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/puppy-bowl/inside-the-bowl/adoption-agencies-organizations/. Here are the profiles of the starting lineup as well: http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/puppy-bowl/photos/puppy-bowl-xii-starting-lineup/. Now here’s your recap of the game of the year:

            The teams for this year were Team Ruff and Team Fluff, most of the pups being adoptable rescue dogs. The full lineup was a total of 49 dogs, including touchdown stars of the game Star, Leah, and Darby, who all scored multiple times while on the field.

            Ultimately, Team Ruff walked away this year with a win of 70-44 and not one but TWO MVPS, Star and Leah. These pups scored multiple touchdowns within minutes of each other and showed exemplary teamwork.

            The ads were just as cute, sponsored by Bissell, Geico, DQ, Pedigree, Subaru, Zootopia, and Twizzlers. Kittens ruled the halftime show with a theme of taking over San Francisco in which they pawed at mini buildings and dangling planes. Meanwhile, another group of cool cats took over the sky box to watch the game in style.

            With a hamster to power the scoreboard and a bird live “tweeting” the game, it was a pet party. There were even chicken cheerleaders to join in on the excitement and Referee Kevin came back with a smelly sidekick: Stanley the skunk referee.