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Perks of being single on Valentine’s Day

Many people find being single on Valentine’s Day depressing, but there are so many perks to not having a date on Valentine’s Day. One thing to keep in mind this Valentine's Day is that you are not alone! You have yourself and you always will! I know that may seem even more depressing, but really, this love is the only love that truly matters! As long as you have yourself, you have all you need. On top of having yourself, there are many other perks to being single on Valentine’s Day!  


1.) Discounted candy

 Feb. 15th is basically national discounted candy day, just like Nov. 1st! Also, since you’re buying it for yourself, you know exactly what you like and it can’t go wrong! 

2.) You have yourself!

No matter how lost or broken you may become along your way of growing older (See 6th perk for further details!). 

3.) You don’t have to spend money on anyone!

This is especially important for college students crippling in debt. When you’re single it’s so much easier to save money. Unless, of course, you want to spend money on yourself, which is way more worth it than spending money on someone who might not be here forever. 

4.) Netflix marathons with ice cream and yourself… or your single friends!

If being alone on Valentine’s Day really isn’t your ideal way to spend your Wednesday afternoon, call up a single friend and binge watch some Netflix, while eating ice cream or take out. Or binge watch your favorite TV series and pretend you’re in their lives. Don’t act like you don’t already do that!

5.) Brownie batter donuts! 

I don’t know about you but brownie batter donuts are hands down my favorite part about Valentine’s Day. They are delicious and can cure any empty feeling! Dunkin Donuts has a lot of Valentine's Day-themed donuts, not just the brownie batter so go hit up their drive-thru.


6.) Flowers die and balloons deflate!

Flowers and balloons don’t last forever, but your own self-love lasts an entire lifetime. You don’t need to have a holiday to remind yourself just how important you are. You are important every single day. You don’t need a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate to prove your own self-love. 

Meghan is a sophomore who majors in Psychology with a minor in behavior analysis. She is one of the two campus correspondents of the MCLA chapter. Writing has become first nature for her- it's like riding a bike into paradise. She primarily writes about love with the hope to become the female version of Nicholas Sparks someday.
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