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An open letter to my best friend, 

Ever since I can remember you have had my back. Even before we became the friends we are today, you always agreed with the things I had to say, or vice versa. A friendship blossomed through our shared ideas and thoughts. You quickly became a person I knew I could confide in. Someone who I knew I could trust with all of my darkest secrets and biggest struggles. Someone who expressed their pride when I accomplished a goal and also someone who expressed their sympathy and empathy when times were tough. 

You have been my rock for years and years to come. The success’, failures, set backs, let downs, and crazy ideas you have supported me through goes beyond anything I could ever ask of another person. But, you were always there. Right there by my side no matter how dark or how bright life was. Even on my worst days and late nights, you have always answered every FaceTime call and came to the rescue. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t had you there with me. 

High school came to an end but our friendship never did. Despite attending different colleges and meeting new people, neither of us has replaced the other. We may not talk as much as we did in high school or see each other nearly as much, but the distance doesn’t stand in the way of the friendship we have. Life often kicks our ass, but I know there’s nothing either of us will ever have to face alone. After all, that’s what best friends are for. 

You’re one of the strongest people I have ever met. You never fail to amaze me when it comes to your strength, physical and mental. But mostly your mental strength. The world can fall on your shoulders and you still walk around with your head held high and the brightest smile on your face. It’s inspiring really, the amount of shit life throws at you that you just take and run with. Your intelligence is another aspect of who you are that makes you so admirable. Even with subjects and topics you hate, you always manage to succeed. Which leads me to the next quality, your will-power and determination. No matter how difficult things may get, you always put your best foot forward and do what you have to do. For instance, how far you came with your cheer career in such a small amount of time. Next semester you’re taking on an RA position on top of all your classwork. You always go above and beyond. 

For those reasons and many more I am forever thankful for call you my best friend. Life just wouldn’t be the same without you by my side. Thank you, for all that you do and all that you are. Thank you for being a constant in my life and being the biggest inspiration in life day in and day out. I can’t wait to see where your strength, dedication, and intelligence takes you in the future. 

Love always, 

Your best friend.


Meghan is a sophomore who majors in Psychology with a minor in behavior analysis. She is one of the two campus correspondents of the MCLA chapter. Writing has become first nature for her- it's like riding a bike into paradise. She primarily writes about love with the hope to become the female version of Nicholas Sparks someday.
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