The Mysterious Case of the 1990’s

Have you ever binged watched a tv show that you just fell in love with their style and fashion? Well since it’s Halloween binge watching season for me, I have been enamored with Charmed, a show about three witches in the 90’s, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a show about a witch in the 90’s, and last but not least Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show about a teen vampire slayer in the 90’s. It doesn’t seem to just happen with me, this fascination with the 90’s, as this stuff is popping up everywhere! You can’t look any direction without seeing mauve colors and satin silk night shirts as outerwear, it’s like our fashion history has come full circle. Lucky enough for us we get to keep our full brows in the process of this mighty big transition.

Several trends that have been making their comeback range from crystal chokers to the much-hated jelly shoes, which in all honesty shouldn’t be making their comeback at all. It is strange to see fashions that were seemingly put to rest not long ago come back in full resurgence, and everyone loves it! I have never seen so many fanny packs until I witnessed the celebrities at New York Fashion week bring the, out, not to hold anything of value to them but as a statement piece to their already very 90’s inspired outfit. Models are taking this trend and using all of the huge statement pieces from the 90’s to make their outfits unique and wild.

Not that into this side of the 1990’s trend? Well lucky for you with this revival comes some trends that are easy to pull off and easy to wear during an every day. Scrunchies, which were really hated in the 90’s, have come back with a more minimalist style making it easier to achieve your middle school dreams of embodying Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Brands like Anthropologie have come out with their own version of this trend using subtle pinks, greens and browns. This modern update has made a classic accessory less childish and more a trend you can wear outside of your house without getting embarrassed.

Another fun trend that is making its comeback is crushed velvet. This is the type of fabric that is soft and has the texture of velvet but has a shine to it giving it reason to standout more. Crushed velvet in the 90’s typically staid on neutral and darker colors, as the gothic vibes were popular. In current times, this crushed velvet has been updated to other colors such as silvers, pinks and even a fair share of yellows.

This trend can be worn for any season giving it extra life. The last trend that is making a full comeback that is easy to wear, are MOM JEANS. Yes folks, you heard it hear, mom jeans are all the rage and have been for some time now. These mom jeans are no longer paired with heavy sweaters and sneakers, but now updated to cuffed bottoms and heavy boots.

The 90’s are no longer just a thing of the past!