Live Heroically: Katrina McColl

The first things most people notice when talking to Katrina McColl is her vibrant energy and love for food (she could go on for hours about Olive Garden). With a double major and responsibilities as a communications intern for MASS MoCA and vice president of Crafting Club, Katrina has a lot on her plate. Not to mention she worked three jobs this past summer. Yet somehow she always makes time to make all her friends feel loved and attend as many events as she can to show support for the arts. As a friend of hers, I would know personally that if you’re looking for Wonder Woman, Kat is the closest you’ll ever get.


Major: Double major in Fine and Performing Arts with a concentration in Arts Management & Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies

Hometown: Orleans, Mass.

Activities: Going to shows, crafting, reading, tweeting

Year: Junior

Relationship status: Single ready to mingle


What’s your favorite food?

Oh my God everything and anything. That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been asked in my entire life. *goes silent for a minute* I really enjoy pad thai.

Weirdest experience you’ve ever had on Campus?

Freshman year I fell asleep on a couch at a frat party.

What made you become a double major?

Yes but it’s because I’ve just always had an interest in sociology but I didn’t start taking classes in it for a while and once I did I realized I wanted to pursue something that combined art and social justice issues. I couldn’t really decide between them. It’s not that bad though because I have most of my arts management stuff done already. Most people don’t see how they interact but they definitely do and I like that intersection.

Is it as stressful as it sounds?

It’s mainly about time management. Like obviously I have to make time for my friends and family so I can still have fun and be sane. It’s hard to do so many things because I feel like I can’t give my all into everything so it must be nice having one major so sometimes it does suck to feel like I have so many things that I’m doing that I can’t put all of myself into specific things.

How is it interning at MASS MoCA?

 It’s fun, they give you a lot of responsibility as an intern. The first day I came in I was already writing a press release out to everyone on their e-mail so I was really nervous, but everyone there is so nice and helpful. The free tickets are great too and I’ve learned a lot about how important their marketing strategies are since I’ve been postering downtown and that’s a big part of reaching out to the community. Everyone’s really supportive there. I’m their communications intern so I do press releases, emailing, postering, researching for upcoming shows, putting together press kits that has information on MASS MoCA for people.

What would friends say are your 3 best qualities?

Caring, funny, and unfalteringly determined. (The last was added in by me)

What nicknames do you have?

Kat, Trina, Tina, Kitty, Katrinkles, Kitty Kat, Kit, 13yourmom.

Why’d you come here from Cape Cod?

I wanted to get as far as possible from Cape and this was the furthest I could go. I really liked the art scene and MASS MoCA. The Berkshires is just so great for art, it drew me in. I was really interested in the arts management program, that’s what got me here.