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“Life is to be lived– 

To experience adventure.  

To travel the world.  

To learn exciting things.  

And it is too short  

to not.”  

-Mackenzie Campbell 

When I look back to when I was younger, I can see myself saying the same thing every other kid says – “I can’t wait to grow up”. Then I went to high school, and it changed to “I can’t wait to graduate”. Then I graduated high school and throughout that entire summer it was “I can’t wait to go to college”. Now, I’m in college and it’s almost always “I can’t wait to graduate”. 


I have spent the entirety of my life rushing through everything I have ever done. Whether it be sitting through a class, being at work or a simple car ride. I want to just rush forward and live my life. That’s how I have always been, and how most people remain. While reading Campbell’s book (that I was rushing to finish), I came across this poem. And that’s when it hit me. I spent so much time rushing everything I do that I have spent no time enjoying anything. Sure, over the years I have learned things and gone new places. But instead of living and enjoying every moment, I was wishing to finish. Wishing for it to be over so I could continue on with a life of impatience.  


After reading this poem, I stopped and looked around. I saw my beautiful girlfriend, whom I spend most days with and every night beside. But while I am beside her, I’m wishing to fall asleep, wishing to finish eating, wishing to get out of the car, wishing to finish my homework. I heard my housemates upstairs talking and laughing. I realized I live with them, but while I’m living with them, I wish to finish the year. I wish to go home and be done with school. I see a picture of me and my sisters on my desk and realize whenever I am with them, I am wishing to be back at college. I am wishing for dinner to be done. I am wishing to be home in my bed.  


The point is, when you spend your life wishing for all these different things to happen, you aren’t truly living. You’re just simply surviving. And as Campbell says, life is to short no to be lived. So, instead of wishing, start doing and live each and every moment as if it is your last. 

Meghan is a sophomore who majors in Psychology with a minor in behavior analysis. She is one of the two campus correspondents of the MCLA chapter. Writing has become first nature for her- it's like riding a bike into paradise. She primarily writes about love with the hope to become the female version of Nicholas Sparks someday.
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