Hair Dyeing: Why Do We Do It?

Do you ever wonder why people dye their hair? Is it because they want to make a fashion statement? Is it because they want to have some change in their lives?

Hair dyeing is something that was usually done for people who are “emo” or “scene.” But it can be for people who just want to dye their hair.

Tessa Langsdale, a freshman at MCLA and staff writer for Her Campus, dyes her hair as often as myself. 

“I started dyeing my hair as a tween because I saw other people with colorful hair and thought it was beautiful,” she said. “I was already kind of a weird kid, so it felt right to make my hair match my personality. Once I started dyeing my hair–first red, then teal, then pink, then countless other colors–I was hooked. I loved not only how it looked on the outside, I loved how it made me feel on the inside. I felt more like myself.” 

This is an example of random expression and doing it for yourself.

Sin Barros is also a freshman at MCLA who dyes her hair. She has told me that because she had black hair for eighteen years, it was time to say, “fuck it, let’s do it.” So, she went on to have her hair dyed blue and crossed it off her bucket list. She enjoyed every minute of it and wants to do it again.

I am also a fan of hair dyeing. I have been since I was a freshman in high school. My first color was a nonbleach red and I was happy with it. Ever since then, I’ve done pink, blue, green, red, black and purple.

Hair dyeing is something that people simply do for fun. They do it because they want a change and there is nothing stopping them. If you are thinking about dyeing your hair, I would start off mild before doing a crazy color. It’s your hair, you have control over it. If you are unhappy after changing your hair, remember: it always grows back.