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Growing Up With A Bunch Of Siblings

I am the oldest of five kids. I have one sister and three brothers. Growing up with that many siblings is chaotic but also makes you and your relationships with others stronger. Without my siblings, I'd be a fish out of water not knowing how to function. Who else would I bother when I'm bored? Who else would I make do my chores? Who else would have my back no matter what? If you are a Brady, Kardashian, or Duhaime you may relate to some of the following. 

1.) The bathroom is always disgustingly gross

We all share a bathroom so it is always overcrowded with hair products, face wash, and makeup. My brothers never put the seat down after using it and at this point, I should know that late at night when I don't turn the lights on, half the time I will fall in and curse out all of them. Also, no one will ever replace the toilet paper when they finish it, and I'm left there yelling at someone to help me out. 

2.) You know how to hit

Brothers will pull your hair and punch you in the face, so you learn to hit back. I forget what one of my brothers did, but I ended up putting him in a head lock and dragging him outside where I locked him out of the house. After that, he never did whatever he did again. Another one of my brothers was beyond vicious. He would throw things and chase my sister and I around the house. Once, my sister even broke her foot running away from him. 

3.) They will always be on your side

Whether it be when mom and dad gang up on you or when someone outside the family calls you out on your flaws, you have an army to back you up. They will always love you and you them. They only want to see you succeed. They are your biggest supporters; I never cheer louder than when I'm cheering them on. 

4.) You can easily get out of doing any chores (or at least have someone to help you with them) 

"Catherine can you clean the bathroom?" Mom or dad will ask. 

"Sure," I respond. 

However, I actually leave to go and find the closest sibling. 

"Hey ____" I say, taking their snack. "Mom wants you to clean the bathroom." 

5.) There is no such thing as secrets

They come to you when they need advice and vice versa. The best part? There is never any judgment! Through this, there aren't any secrets between you guys. This can be a good thing, but it can also be terrible because all that information can be used as blackmail. However, nothing is better than saying or hearing them say "don't tell mom and dad but..." So what is the worst part about no secrets? They were there (and if they weren't, you confided in them) for all of your embarrassing moments and will bring them up whenever and to whomever they want. Like that time in the eighth grade when I got mono and I missed a bunch of school, someone on the bus asked my sister who I had been kissing and she told everyone that I had never kissed anyone. 

6.) You never have to go anywhere alone

Growing up with four siblings, I never had to go out by myself if I didn't want to. If mom makes me go out to the store to get a random ingredient for dinner, dragging the closest sibling with me makes the mundane chore a fun adventure. If I'm dying to see a movie, all I have to do is offer to pay and my car will be full of my siblings before I can even get out the front door. 

7.) You rarely get what you want

When there are five of you, there are four other people who want something. Compromise is a word you learn young and always have to figure out. Sometimes you get what you want, but you usually end up doing what someone else wants to do whether that be their choice for dinner or movie. Going off that, you never ever have the television remote and when you do you make the rest "suffer" through episodes of Buffy. 

8.) You're always entertained

Nothing is better than when your siblings are your best friends except maybe when they say something sassy back to your parents and you sit back and watch them get their asses handed to them. 


9.) Your food is never just yours

I work in a restaurant and I'm constantly bringing home food that I plan on eating later. Even if I put it in the fridge with  "don't fucking eat this if you aren't Catherine" they do it regardless and you have to play detective to find the culprit. Even if I'm eating in front of them, they still feel like they can take it from me, I mean, the audacity!!! 

But the best of all?

10.) You have multiple best friends

When you grow up together, you know everything about each other and some how you are still best friends. You stay up late talking or just sitting in each other's silences. Regardless, you always have someone to hang out with, someone to gossip about family drama with, and someone who will be there forever. Nothing is better than having a lot of siblings because when you hate one, there are three others to bother. 

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