The Ghost Roomate

They swerve in and out of your room. Sometimes you see them often, sometimes you don’t see them at all. When they’re not there, you’re left to look at a lonely side of the room, left with disregarded items that still prove their existence even when though they’re only invisible. This situation wasn’t the one you imagined when you entered college. Most often a ghost is never the roommate you’d imagine yourself having.

People often sum up college roommates as either being heaven or hell. Nobody ever mentions the in between, when the truth of the matter is, the ghost is something that is just as probable a chance as any.

It can be quite disheartening to have this kind of roommate. It can often leave the other roommate with many questions on their minds, some they may never have answers to; some that may never make sense.

What defines a ghost roommate?

A ghost roommate is often someone who never stays in their assigned room. They may often leave behind stuff in their room, almost acting as if the area is an overpriced storage unit. Most often, their stuff may never be unpacked, or they may haul items out of the room soon after “moving” in. These roommates are usually staying with a friend, somewhere else on campus, or even possibly off campus.

It can be hard for the other roommate, especially if they had this certain image of what their roommate situation would be like.

Not every ghost roommate and their other roommate are on bad terms though. Sometimes the designated ghost may voice their decision to the other. Sometimes they may even have an active, talking relationship with you, despite their ghostly behavior. It all depends on the situation.

If you find yourself in a situation with a wandering roommate do not fret. It may seem sad at first, and may even make you wonder if its something you did. This is often not the case. Especially if your shadow and yourself are on good terms. It can be easy to blame the situation on yourself. It may leave you to question guess yourself, and it may make you wonder if you’re any less of a person.

It does not mean there’s anything wrong with you.

Your roommate’s decision is their own personal choice. It is a sucky predicament but in the end, you must respect your roommate’s decision, even if their actions annoy you. Remember, the only control you have over anything, is yourself and your actions.

It may suck to be stuck in this tiny, yet lonely box, but try to take this opportunity as a positive experience. You technically have a single, for the price of a double! Make yourself cozy for the time you’ll be living on campus and remember, even though they’re not there and not using their stuff – don’t use it. Always ask permission if you can move something. They most likely will allow you to do, what you need to do.

While your friends may be having roommate troubles, you’ll be the one at peace. Without your roomie being there, you’ll almost never have to worry about your actions being an issue to the other person in the room, unless of course, your issue is somehow impacting their side of the room. You’ll be the one who’s alarm won’t wake another person; you’ll be the one who’s stash of snacks in the fridge, won’t be eaten. These tiny elements are some of the biggest advantages.

Having a roommate is only one tiny aspect of the college experience. It may be fun sharing a room with somebody else but don’t let your roommate’s choice, impact your own experience. Participate in opportunities outside of your room. You’ll make friends this way and have some fun! College is about learning but it never hurts to take a break from it all, and just unwind.

Hang out with your suitemates or floor mates. They’re also living in the same environment as you. It may not be the same as a traditional roommate experience but you will defiantly feel more comfortable seeing familiar faces, as you walk by their doors on a daily basis. Hang out in their rooms if possible. You would be surprised with who may be in your suite or on your floor, it could be your new best friend!

If you find that your swerving ghost friend is just not what you wanted your living situation to be, you should always voice your concerns to your roommate, and if it all possibly request for a room switch. This should only be done, if their actions are negatively affecting you. Weigh for yourself what the pros and cons of the situation are and go from there. You might be surprised.

Whether your roommate is heaven or whether they are hell; whether they’re the ghost swerving in and out of your tiny room, roommates are only a small portion of one’s college experience. Don’t allow a tiny predicament, to define your college years. Open up your door and experience what MCLA has to offer you.