Five characters who value self-love

Those who love themselves are unstoppable. The trope of self-love in movies and television isn't nearly done enough, but some have mastered it so well, that they can teach others how to love and value themselves. The following is a list of five strong characters who love themselves so much that they aren't afraid to take the world on and share their knowledge of the benefits of self-love.

1.) Merida- "Brave" 

Merida is a strong, young woman who wants to follow her own path, not do what her family wants her to do. Her mother is constantly telling her how she should be acting, but Merida doesn't listen and even fights for herself. She's not going to let anyone decide her fate for her and runs away to be herself. We could all take a note from this brave girl on how to stand up for ourselves. 


2.) Grandpa- "Little Miss Sunshine" 

The movie follows Olive on her way to compete in a beauty pageant while her family comes with her as she struggles to overcome the toxic-ness of her parents. Her grandpa instills in her that self-love is the most important thing to strive for. He tells her that it is okay to eat as much ice cream as she wants, and the confidence he gives her lasts even after his death. What he does for her, is something all parents should do for their children-- teach them how to love themselves. 


3.) Cindy Lou Who and The Grinch- "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" 

The Grinch felt so unworthy that he locked himself away, refusing to come out of hiding unless he was messing everything up for others. He doesn't change until he meets a young girl who teaches him about love and friendship (and the true spirit of Christmas); she teaches him how to love and accept himself. 


4.) Charlotte- "Charlotte's Web" 

Charlotte does a lot for Wilber, but maybe showing him his own self-worth is one of the most important (besides saving his life that is). She writes words in her web to show the farmers that Wilber is worth keeping around. She doesn't just pick random words, but she picks the ones that describe Wilber the best:  "some pig", "radiant", "humble" and "terrific".


5.) Gina Linetti- "Brooklyn 99" 

Gina is never ashamed of being herself, she doesn't care what others think and always stands up for herself. She knows her worth and thinks she is amazing (because she is), therefore, she doesn't let anyone treat her like crap. We could all take a page from her book and be confident in who we are.