Broadcasting your way to fame: Andrew Baillargeon

Although Andrew Baillargeon is a freshman, that hasn’t stopped him from branching out, and finding his place on campus. This sports fanatic, broadcast media student, has secured his home on campus, between WJJW and the Television Studio in Mark Hopkins Hall. Be sure to check out his radio show on Sunday’s from 7-9 p.m!


What’s your favorite sport(s)?


“I'm a football addict, a huge sabermetric (baseball) and I like basketball. All on the pro and college levels.”




“I'm a massive gamer, I like writing, and I'm into Pathfinder.”


What's your favorite thing about MCLA?



“Well, I like the TV Studio, along with Professor Birch and Peter Gentile. Those two are very dedicated, knowledgeable people who have done a masterful job at utilizing the studio to help teach me extensive things about TV Production and broadcast journalism.”



What's been your favorite class so far at MCLA?


“My favorite class, as you might figure, has been Advanced TV Production. It's a lot of work, no question, but I feel like I'm actually working for a cause, not for a grade, when I'm there and it makes the class much more enjoyable. Prof Birch has opened my eyes much wider than they previously were to the wonderful world of broadcast journalism, and it's made the class a pleasure so far.”


What activities are you involved with on campus?


“I'm a DM [Dragon Master] for my own backyard Pathfinder club, I'm a host at WJJW, my show is "The Call", and I'm the secretary for MCLA's Television and Film Society.”


Where do you see yourself, 10 years from now?


“I think that my time, however limited, on this campus has proven to me that I don't know where or how I'll be in ten days, let alone ten years. But if I had to say for certain, I'd like to think I'd be involved in broadcast journalism or sports broadcasting.”


What's your biggest pet peeve?


“My biggest pet peeve is when other people are tardy for the same thing I'm typically way too early for. I just feel like if you agree to meet somewhere at a certain time, and are late for it, that there's something wrong with that.”


What's your favorite thing about The Film and Television Society?


“I like TFS because I feel like Ally, Matt, Carrie, and I are in the midst of taking nothing and building it into something great. I love teamwork for a cause like that.”


What's something about yourself, that people wouldn't know about you?


“Well, I like to travel. It's more of a secret like, one that even I haven't fully come to terms with, but one of the things I'd like to do over the course of my life is attend an MLB game in every ballpark in the league. I just like travelling, I like driving, I like driving with other people in the car, and I like long road trips where I'm the one doing the driving.”


What makes you interested in the radio?


“I'm interested in the sports broadcasting aspect of being on the radio. But I also like to talk because I'm a guy who has a lot to say. There’s not much else to it.”


Do you hope to carry on with "The Call" after you're done at MCLA?


“As of [right] now, I'm not sure. I guess it depends on where I end up after MCLA.”