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The Best Things about the New England Seasons

New England is the best place on earth, though I might be bias as I have lived here my entire life. The reason I say this, however, is because of the seasons. Not a lot of places on earth have distinct seasons, but we do! With that comes drastic weather changes and a whole bunch of other things that make each season particularly New England-y. 


I start with winter as I curl up under three blankets and cradle a cup of hot chocolate. Two feet of snow sit outside my front door from the latest snow storm that caused us to lose power for 34 hours. I love winter: I prefer the cold over the heat, but I’m weird. With winter, comes ice skating on Frog Pond in the Commons and Skiing at Wild Cat in New Hampshire. Right after it snows is my favorite: everything is covered in a layer of fresh white snow. I love it until I have to shovel my way to my car and then shovel my car out of foot upon foot of snow. Driving in the snow and on ice isn’t fun either, but at least the surroundings are pretty and playing in the snow with friends on a snow day means making pong tables out of snow!



The weather is steadily getting warmer and the snow is starting to melt. Flowers are starting to bloom and the chirps from baby birds are now a constant back ground noise. There is mud everywhere but it might be slightly better than brown snow on the side of the road. The warmer weather gets everybody outside which means adventures! 


The heat and summer sun brings out the best activities: beach going, sunset chasing, canoeing, kayaking, going out for ice cream, hiking, music festivals and picnics. 


The leaves are changing, bringing out the brightest hues of yellow, red, and orange. Nothing can compare to driving on curvy New England roads looking at the trees and the colors they contain. There are haunted corn mazes, apple and pumpkin picking, and crunchy leaves to step on. 

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