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An Active Leader: Shannon Cahill

Since coming to campus, Shannon Cahill has quickly become an active community leader.  More than that, as just a sophomore she’s become an effective leader whose people skills will take her far.  Shannon’s a prominent and engaging figure on campus – be sure to read more about her!

Name: Shannon Leigh Cahill

Hometown: Grafton, MA

Major: English/Communications, with concentrations in Creative Writing and Public Relations

Nickname: Banana 

What inspired you to come to MCLA?

“The literary magazine Spires as well as the various opportunities in the arts. I also loved that it was an affordable state school that had everything I was looking for.”

What’s been your favorite part of being at MCLA?

“My favorite part of being at MCLA is definitely the people. There’s so many diverse people with amazing talents and personalities. They’ve really helped me learn about myself and grow as a person.”

You’re now co-editor of Spires, can you tell me about that opportunity?

“I was offered the co-editor position at the end of my freshman year. I was heavily involved in the magazine as the design editor – meaning I design the physical magazine. I loved working on the magazine and seeing all the talent MCLA has. Being co-editor has been a great opportunity to learn what I really love doing and also help me learn amazing leadership skills.”

What do you feel that you’ve brought to the publication?

“This semester I am working to create a new website for the publication where we will be posting content weekly as well as producing our annual magazine. I think this new interactive site will really help us become more of a presence on campus.”

You’re also heavily involved as a peer adviser – can you tell me about that experience?

“As a peer advisor I help first year students adjust to college life. I’ve loved doing this because I think having someone you can trust to ask questions about academics, activities, and social life can be an awesome support system and better help students find where they’re comfortable. I’ve loved helping first year students who have become my friends, and growing as a student leader.”

Lastly, you also work in student development, what’s been the most important thing you’ve learned there?

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is how the school’s activities and programs are planned and executed and how much organization and time and effort is put in. It’s made me appreciate what the faculty and staff do for us so much more. And being able to help out with working various events have helped me become more involved with various groups in the student body.”

As an English and Arts Management major at MCLA, Maggie is a prominent figure both on campus and in her community. Throughout her time at MCLA she has been involved with numerous clubs, most noticeably the Shakespeare club Yorick, where she is Vice President and also director of their fall show, Antony and Cleopatra. Off campus Maggie has worked at The Mount as part of the Berkshire Hills Internship Program, and is also the intern for the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition's Teen Writing Workshop. Maggie is also one of the Campus Correspondents for MCLA's chapter of Her Campus!
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