14 creative couple costumes

Any couple can be a nurse and a doctor, but it takes real creativity to wow your friends with the best couple costume. Part of it being the best requires being the only ones dressed as the costume you picked. I realize making a list published on an online magazine about costumes that no other couple will be wearing runs the risk of other’s wearing the same costume as you. Honestly, as someone who is single, you should definitely take these ideas and run with them because I don’t know how I’m gonna react if I see another Superman and Superwoman couple.

1.Buffy and Spike

What’s better for Halloween than the slayer and vampire duo? Nothing.

2.Abbi and Ilanna

These two best friends from Broad City can be the much needed inspiration for girls looking for the perfect couple costume.

3.Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega

This Pulp Fiction duo is sure to win over some applause. The blood on Mia is optional. Don’t forget to dance!

4. Mulder and Scully 

The “will they, won’t they” couple of X-Files is the perfect throw back to this alien/crime fighting dynamic.

5. Walter White and Jesse

What’s more romantic than meth? 

6. Rick and Michonne

This badass team leads the rest of the surviver in The Walking Dead. You’ll win best costume especially with the new season coming out.

7. Rick and Morty 

This cross-universal saving pair could turn heads. Plus, Rick’s flask could come in handy Halloween night.

8. Brennan and Dale

These funny step brothers can be the perfect last minute couple costume.

9. Grandparents 

Dressing up as you but older could be hilarious. Hit up your local Good Will for a cane and some old lady clothes. 

10. Bob and Linda Belcher — Bob’s Burgers 

Another pop cultural costume that you can guarantee you’ll be the only ones dressed as.

11. Spongebob and Patrick

These best friends can be the best throwback costume. 

12. Woody and Buzz

Another best friend/sidekick duo, but those are the best ones so it doesn't matter! 

13. Thelma and Louise

If you’re both adventure seekers, this could be the right costume for you ladies. You can dress casually but still rock it at the same time.

14. Cheech and Chong

In legal states, this could be the best costume since it allows you the opportunity to dress and act the part.