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Your Halloween Night: As Told by The Kids of Stranger Things

It’s almost that time of the year again! Halloween is around the corner. It’s always pretty fun as it is, but what makes this Halloween even more special this year is the fact that Netflix just released season two of Stranger Things. If you are anything like me, you have already binge watched the whole season in a night and are in withdrawal after 9 hours of non-stop Stranger Things time. Instead of season one’s Christmas lights and the letters of the alphabet spelt out on the Byers’ walls, this season is all about Halloween ’84 – complete with pumpkins and Ghostbusters outfits. After finishing season two, I was more excited for October 31st than ever before. So without further ado, here is your Halloween night, as told by the kids (and Mike’s mom) of Stranger Things, spoiler-free.

1. It’s October 31st. You and your friends are in your outfits, ready to party. #squadgoals

2. You have all the candy and junk food you could possibly want to get you through the night.

3. The party starts and the drinks start flowing.

4. As people come in, you start comparing your outfit with other people’s. Who has the most outrageous outfit?

5. Wait, is that someone with the same outfit as yours?!

6. Nope, false alarm! Your outfit still rocks!

7. Back to working your charm!

8. After all that drinking, you and your friends are famished so you decide to raid the kitchen and eat whatever you can find.

9. You take pictures! Lots and lots of them!

10. At this point, you have lost track of how many drinks you’ve had and you begin to wonder what would happen if you were to drive home. You are no Eleven, so take a cab instead!

11. At the end of the night, you’re just happy to have had a great time with your friends.

12. And remember, if you see a something strange…


Stay safe and have fun!


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