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Which “Mad Men” Heroine’s Look Would You Wear?

The last season of Mad Men started last weekend, which means one more season of vintage and daring fashion. We all know that the costuming is equally, if not as important, as the plot itself. Costume designer Janie Bryant has never failed to bring us iconic looks. Each look is directly associated to the different female powerhouses on the show. Over the seasons, Mad Men has got fashionistas seriously wishing they could travel back to the '60s. Now, the characters have reached the '70s era - a time of free spirits, shorter hemlines and looser clothing - and their outfits follow them for better or worse. There is as much fashion transformation as there is character development. What do you think of your favourite heorine's new look?

Fashionistas can stop drooling! We have complied some modern interpretations of these new/old trends to satisfy your fashion cravings.


You are confident, intelligent and incredibly sassy. If it were up to you, the show would be called Mad Women, as characters like you clearly run the show. For characters like Joan, it is all about the lines and colours. Joan is not afraid to show her womanliness, choosing outfits that highlight her curves. We closely associate the pencil skirt with Joan, as it is a common, form-fitting office must-have. In proper '70s and Joan fashions, this entire outfit is in bright colours to reflect the vibrancy and life that you exude.


You are driven, independent and professional. From Season 1, we have seen Peggy's character grow tremendously along with her wardrobe. Now a powerful executive at SCDP, Peggy definitely owns the whole workplace chic. But, what about a day off, if the day ever came? In 2014, we imagine Peggy would sport a seriously killer outfit that says 'toughness' and 'power'. We paired a leather vest with some combat boots and added a funky skirt with a bright turtleneck to pay homage to the past era.


"Ex-model" says it all. You enjoy staying classic, leaning towards anything feminine, yet chic. The '70s era might make less of an impact on you because of your timeless taste. But, your hair would say otherwise. We reverted back to Betty's days as a model when she would frequent many parties. This outfit stays in touch with the classic and preppy look, sporting pearls everywhere. However, the all-black and romper reflect the power you keep so well hidden.


Now in L.A., you are finally able to unleash you true self. The boundaries of New York could not hold you. You have talent, are a free spirit, and you do not care what anybody thinks. Haters be gone! Megan definitely made a grand entrance in the beginning of this season, repping the '70s fashion proudly. In our interpretation, we incorporated festival vibes, as we are certain that would be the place where we would catch our modern day Megan. The dress we picked out is billowy with a lot of lace. Pairing the dress with some turquoise hardware and a leather jacket definitely shows off Megan's independence and liberation.

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