What's on the Reading List This Week?

We're just over a month into 2020. So, what's going on out in the world right now? What is there to look forward to (or back on)? Head down to our reading list to find out what's on our minds at least: 

  1. 1. Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies are in a Life-or-Death Crisis [The New York Times]

    Here is a very thorough piece about infant mortality and maternal health in the States, and how black mothers are being adversely affected regardless of socioeconomic status. Told through the narrative of one black mother’s experience with prenatal and postnatal healthcare, this article examines how racism and the lived experience of being a black woman in America fuel this crisis. 

  2. 2. New Social-Media User Guidelines [The New Yorker]

    Android Phone App Blur Business

    Maybe these guidelines don’t qualify as “new” anymore (since this article was from 2018), but the satirical wit still makes it an amusing read. 

  3. 3. Photos: Empty Streets in China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak [The Atlantic]

    With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, it’s incredibly eerie to see some of China’s normally populous areas suddenly empty. These photos also remind readers of the gravity of the outbreak. So, let’s be compassionate. 

  4. 4. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer [Siddhartha Mukherjee] 

    So, this isn’t a book that I’m currently reading (I had the opportunity to read it for a course assignment actually, but sadly, someone else signed up to read it first). However, I will definitely be reading it at my earliest convenience. I promise. 

  5. 5. I Quit Dating Apps. Five Times. [The New York Times

    Yogas Design

    Searching for love? Or maybe you’re just looking to amuse yourself with a story about such a search? Look no further. Here’s one journalist’s turbulent experience with dating apps. 

So what's on your reading list this week?