The Underwhelming RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 Finale (Spoilers)

Spoilers ahead!

Last week, the finale of Drag Race All Stars 4 aired, and if time could be refunded, I would ask for a full refund.

Last summer, I became absolutely obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race and started bingeing every season. When All Stars 4 came around, I was ecstatic since I had never watched a season in real time before. Since I don’t have VH1, every Saturday morning, I would go on YouTube to find the full episode, send the link to my equally Drag Race obsessed mom, and watch while eating breakfast. From the beginning, I was rooting for either Manila or Trinity, and I looked forward to watching every week.

Imagine my – and every viewer’s – surprise when Manila was eliminated. Even then, I was not keen on continuing to watch, but I wanted to see how the competition turned out. Imagine my even greater surprise when they announced a tie win between Trinity and Monet X Change.

It felt like in elementary school, when they don’t want anyone to lose, so everyone’s a winner. The entire crowning was strange with the split screen and voice over, and quite honestly, the whole thing was a mess.

Fans had some thoughts.


Manila Luzon, the queen herself, tweeted:

“Looks like All Stars is doing TEAMS again!!”


@manilaluzonforever commented on Trinity’s post on Instagram:

“I’m disgusted that you’re a victim of some desperate attempt to diversify the hall of fame. The crown is yours.”


@mtxchange on Twitter tweeted:

“facts: as4 had the potential to be considered one of the best all stars seasons but Rupaul f*cked it up with all the “gags and twists” nobody asked for.”


While I don’t necessarily believe Monet X Change won alongside Trinity solely for the purpose of having a person of colour, since she did the best in the final challenge, I was definitely left disappointed by a double win.

In the words of the great Bianca del Rio,


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