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The Ultimate Guide to LGBTQ Culture: Clubs and Parties

Top 10 LGBTQ Clubs and Parties in Montreal


You might have seen that nicer weather is coming our way, thank the Lords! Springtime in Montreal is not only synonym of nice flowers at the Botanical Garden, or the return of the Bixies (city bikes), but also the reopening of terraces! Now, if this isn’t your first spring in Montreal, you probably already have your favorite bar or club to go have fun on Friday nights (I know I do), but I’m here to introduce you to the best gay clubs, bars and parties in town!


1. Le Renard

Let’s start with my personal favorite! I’ve been to this bar many times, and I’ve never been disappointed! The service is great, the food id delich, and the aesthetic is to die for!! Perfect place to go for a chill night with your friends, a pre-drink before going to the club, or on a first date! Also, they have gender-neutral bathrooms, which makes me very happy! Overall, this bar is the best! 

Check out their website and menu: http://bar-renard.com/

2. Sky

This is my friend’s Alex favorite place on Earth! And I have to agree, it’s pretty damn great! The Sky is the perfect place to go if you want to dance! Plus there’s a pool on the roof, it doesn’t get better than that! The music is great, and the vibe is really chill, you’ll feel right at home even if you aren’t a member of the LGBTQ community, I promise!

Check out their website: http://complexesky.com/



3. Unity

Unity is also a great place to go dancing! They always have some kind of event going on, which makes it a great club because every night is different! They have pool tables, a great dancefloor, and cages you can dance in! For a Friday night out with friends, 100% recommend!

Check out their website: https://clubunity.com/


4. Le Date

Who likes Karaoke? I know I do! If you are cool like me and also loves to badly sing your lungs out in front of strangers, this is the bar for you! Le Date is my fav bar to go with friends because things get really silly really fast! Also, your wonderful performance will be filmed, and you’ll be able to find the tape on their website! I know you are impatient to go now, but in the meantime, go look at other people doing karaoke on their website: http://www.ledatekaraoke.com/

5. Chez Mado

Want to feel like you’re a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, well go to Mado! Montreal’s finest drag bar! You will laugh so much you might swallow your fake eyelashes! With great performers and drag styles to make anyone jealous, Chez Mado will soon become your new home! Now, if you can’t love Drag show, how the hell are you going to survive? Can I get an Amen up in here!?



6. Où sont les femmes 

Now, Où sont les femmes (where are the girls) is not a bar, but a party! These monthly parties are organized by the LSTW, the lesbian group of Montreal. They produced my favorite Tv Show “Feminin/Feminin”, and their parties are awesome. Often at Fitzroy, a bar on Mont-Royal, and sometimes at the Ping Pong Club, these parties are always fun, and the perfect place to meet new people or to just hang with your friends!

Check out their website to know when the next party will take place (or to watch Femini/Feminin!): https://lezspreadtheword.com/evenementiel/



7. District

Want to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race live while sipping on a great cocktail? Go to District Video Lounge! With great food and good music, District is another nice chill bar where you can go and relax with your friends! You can also rent the place for private parties, which I think is awesome!!

Go check out their menu: http://www.districtvideolounge.com/fr/evenements

8. Pride

Well, this is not a bar, but Montreal Pride is probably my favorite time of the year! From August 8th to August 18th, Pride is one of the biggest festivals in Montreal! With parties every night, shows you don’t want to miss, and the Parade on the very last day, Pride is the one festival you don’t want to miss! Plus most events are free, so that’s always awesome! Also, you might see Justin Trudeau at the parade since he comes every year! (I saw him last year! He was walking right in front of me)

Check out their website to see the schedule: https://fiertemtl.com



9. Notre-Dame des Quilles

This bar used to be the go-to bar for queer women back in the days! Even if now the clientele is very diverse, there’s still a lot of queer vibes in the air. With two old fashion bowling alleys, this bar is a great place to go hang out with your ladies, or to meet some ladies! They also do speed dating for the ladies, and that’s always fun!



10. Bal en Blanc

The Bal en Blanc, or White party week, is a festival you can go to every year in April in Montreal. Although it is not specifically gay festival, the LGBTQ scene is still very present! With many events you can attend, and so many parties you won’t be able to count them all, the Bal en Blanc is a blast, and a nice reason to wear white pants!


Well, I hope you’ll have fun! Go party my people! Cheers!



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