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Trudeau and Obama – The Bromance of Today

With the change of seasons that we have experienced in Canada recently there has also been a wave of new ties in the form of the official meeting between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Barack Obama. This meeting has sparked new hope of relations between the two countries that will be more than just cordial, with Obama acknowledging the fact that the relationship between Canada and the US is one of the most important relationships between any two countries in this day and age.

This was the first official state visit by a Canadian PM in nearly 20 years, which is clearly saying something about the two nations. For the two to finally be on the same page is like a breath of fresh air. Everyone was aware of the fact that ex-PM Stephen Harper and President Obama were only cordial for the sake of maintaining ties; they rarely saw eye-to-eye on major policy decisions. However, with PM Trudeau, the Canadian-American relationship has been exciting since the beginning, when Obama spoke of Trudeau with complete respect and even said that he saw “a younger, less gray version of himself”in the Prime Minister. Both world leaders clearly had admiration for each other since the beginning of this wonderful relationship and it has only been blossoming since Trudeau got elected.

As the two most powerful countries in North America, Canada and the United States of America have been the poster children for interdependence and cooperation since the beginning of time, with the US having the upper hand. The two countries have always been allies; they rely on each other economically and for security purposes, and there is an unspoken bond between the two that implies that if one of them ever needs anything, the other will be there. However, this relationship has not always been rosy and red; it has had its fair share of thorns, though there hasn’t been anything the two nations couldn’t overcome. This new era has turned a new leaf for them and the future looks prosperous and bright.

March 10, 2016: the day two exceptional leaders became not only acquaintances but true friends. They met to discuss climate change, international trade, and the ongoing battle against terrorism. There was an undeniable chemistry between them; they both just fed off of each other’s energies. The leader of the free world and the PM of Canada have similar values and ideas. For example, family is number one for both of them, and this was seen at the state dinner when both families came together as one and were greeted by their neighbours with the utmost respect and care. The women who stand next to these men are also exceptional, both having undoubtedly played major roles in their respective husbands’ political careers. Not only that, but Michelle Obama and Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau are both ambitious and successful in their own light. They have the same core values and look at political issues the same way; they are young leaders of today who want diverse and progressive laws that reflect inclusivity to be implemented.

Trudeau and Obama’s meeting was the talk of the town and people took to social media to talk about their budding bromance, as well as that of their wives, with Michelle Obama saying that her Canadian counterpart was “like her soulmate.” Wouldn’t you want to be the fly on the wall at a double date with this power couple duo? Obama also said that he had never seen so much excitement over a Canadian PM’s visit – I wonder if he included his own excitement in this.  Trudeau also expressed his own excitement, saying that the two countries basically “grew up together like siblings. Obama and Trudeau were throwing compliments each other’s way throughout the visit (another thing fueling their bromance) and the state dinner was more Canadian than it has ever been, with Canada being incorporated not only in the guest list but also in the food and drinks. The night consisted of friendly humour from both sides and looked like the start of a great affair.

Two nations have come together, and their leaders have set the tone for the rest of their relationship, each emphasizing their countries’ great alliance and similarities. I genuinely hope that their relationship is taken to the next level politically and personally. I’m definitely shipping Team Trubama, what about you?

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